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Sex is one of the most unearthly pleasures in the world and, moreover, free. There are many variations of sexual contact and intimate caresses. One of these is anal sex. All men dream of him as the highest award and dream of ass his mistress. If you are one of these dreamers, enough fantasy, it’s time to act! We will tell you everything you need to know to practice anal sex.

How to develop an anus? What is the best way to relax? Where to start? How do you use cock ring plugs? How to get anal orgasm? All these questions you will find the answer in this article. Having mastered the technique of anal stimulation, you will plunge into the world of bliss and endless orgasms.

Benefits of having anal sex for men

Having anal sex is not only pleasant, but also useful! Prostate massage improves men’s health, allowing you to increase the years of sexual life. You will learn to control your ejaculation and prolong orgasm. Teach your mistress anal caress and sex in the ass. She will become addicted to anal sex, and your cherished fantasy will become a reality. Long sexual intercourse with proper stimulation of the anus, you will become a real “sex giant” and will be able to meet your passion for hours.

Myths about anal sex “This is the lot of gays”

Many men think that only sex with a non-traditional sexual orientation is engaged in this sex. They are mistaken. More than one scientific work has already been devoted to this topic, so if you think so – think about what are you really afraid of?

“Earn hemorrhoids” We hurry to please you – you can earn it only because of sedentary work and chronic violations of bowel movements, sex has nothing to do with it. The main thing is to follow the recommendations for stimulation and penetration, not exceeding the size of the toys to be entered.

“Dirty sex” If you empty your bowels properly, then you will not have such problems. Perform a complete cleaning of the rectum before sexual contact in the anus. “It is impossible to get pleasure and even more orgasm” Nonsense, train your anus regularly and you will see for yourself. You can teach any person to anal sex, you just need to develop an unconditioned reflex, and the process will bring you mad bliss. Gradual and regular training – this is the key to anal orgasm!

Contraindications to stimulate the anus There are several reasons why you should not engage in anal intercourse. You have hemorrhoid bumps and fissures in the anus. Especially, it is not recommended to stimulate the hole during periods of exacerbations. You can inflict an irreparable injury, so consultation with a doctor is required! Pain is present and you cannot relax. It is better to postpone this process and try to resume stimulation after a while. No time to foreplay. There is no rush, if you don’t have your time, put off this kind of sexual contact until better times. How to get anal orgasm? You can get an orgasm in two ways: Independently masturbate with the help of a partner or partner. Consider both options. If you are new to this issue, then follow our instructions and you can get a bright and long ecstasy.

Take care in advance of lubrication. Without it, you cannot do. Also, buy good quality condoms. Phased instructions for anal stimulation first stage You need to get used to anal caress, so at the first stage, get new sensations and teach your sphincter to relax. The preparatory stage may take several months before we move on to anal penetration and sex. First you need to relax properly.

Choose the right method for you.

It can be a hot bath, a light massage or a glass of red wine. Alcohol will remove excess stress and allow you to fully relax your muscles. Be sure to empty the rectum. You can just go to the toilet if you have good intestinal motility, or you can flush the rectum with an enema or special laxative solutions. If you do not do this – the sensations from anal penetration will be wrong – instead of getting pleasure, you will only want to cope with the natural need of the body, so do not neglect this stage. Lie on the bed and get excited, stroking the penis and massaging the testicles. Take your time, nobody is chasing you. Focus on the process; get rid of extraneous thoughts from the head. There is only you, and no one else at the moment exists.

Do not seek to bring yourself to orgasm; you need to achieve only an easy erection of the penis. Take a pre-purchased lubricant and apply it first on the palm and then on the anus. Grease abundantly, does not regret lubrication. Pull the condom on your finger and gently massage the hole.

Do not forget to stimulate the penis with the other hand. Extend yourself to a pre-orgasmic state and stop. Make 2 such circles, no more, but instead of pleasant ones you will get painful sensations. Hold for a while on the massage stage. You must make your sphincter relax and get used to the new sensations. Enter your finger shallowly, maximum 1 cm. Bring yourself to orgasm with stimulation of the anus.

Well, how does it feel? True, such an orgasm differs from the usual by its power and sharpness of sensations? You can move to the second stage when you experience excitement only from one touch to the hole and enjoy the stimulation at the first stage. By the way, nipples are not only an erogenous zone for women, so stimulate your nipples to achieve ecstasy by squeezing and stroking them. So, when the goal is reached, go to deep penetrations. To do this, you will need to visit a specialty store for adults or resort to using the Internet, selecting the necessary accessories and ordering online. Do not use improvised means; it can have a deplorable outcome. The mucosa of the anus is very gentle, so you can injure her with foreign objects. Use only special latex devices. Among the huge variety of sex toys, stop your choice on the anal plug or special beads for caresses. The latter should be taken on a flexible basis so that you can fully control the penetration process.

Technique of anal sex

To get a long orgasm, follow the step by step instructions. Follow the recommendations of the first stage, excited and relaxed. Massage the anus. Lubricate with plenty of grease. Anal toy should also be lubricated for better sliding. Perform a penetration with your finger no deeper than 3 cm, repeat several progressive movements until the sphincter is completely relaxed. The anus should open well, a bit tighter and very carefully and slowly enter the toy. Move it is not necessary. Just stimulate the penis. You must form a kind of reflex. Your brain needs to get used to the fact that a foreign body in the anus causes an orgasm. When you finish, the sphincter shrinks and the sensations become sharper and incredibly pleasant. They also need to get used to.