How to Spice Up Anal Play and Make It More Fun

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Let’s not kid ourselves here. Anal play is pretty fun all on its own. However, if you’re interested in deepening your understanding of anal sex, there are plenty of avenues for you to explore. 

Even the kinkiest things become stale when you repeat them enough times. Remember how excited you were about those anal beads you bought a year ago? Yeah, those are old news now, aren’t they? 

Sure, you come back to them from time to time, but you’ve learned to spice things up. You bought an inflatable butt plug with a flared base, for example, or you found other sex toys that provide the same rush that anal beads used to. 

That’s what sex is all about. Instead of pigeonholing yourself, you should always try to find new ways to have fun. So spread your wings and explore anal the way you should — with no reservations, continuously chasing everything that feels good and brings you joy.

Don’t Limit Yourself to the Bedroom

Whoever said that sex is reserved for the bedroom was an idiot. Sure, there’s a lot to be said about enjoying a rumble in the sack with a comfortable mattress underneath you. But hey, not everything is about comfort! Live a little, be spontaneous — have sex in the shower!

OK, so this idea isn’t the most groundbreaking one ever, we know. But it’s an excellent way to slowly ease yourself into the wild world of kink exploration. 

There are a lot of shower sex positions that allow for anal stimulation. Most anal toys are showerproof, and you should always use water-based lube (don’t rely on soap to ease your way in). The reigning king of shower-approved anal sex toys is a dildo with a suction cup. Stick that bad boy on the shower wall and go to town!

To start partnered anal play, we recommend trying doggy style while your partner (or you) is grabbing the edge of the tub (or the shower door) for support. Make sure you don’t slip — that’s a disaster you don’t want to have to deal with (trust us)!

Don’t Limit Yourself in General

Just because you decided you’d play around with anal stimulation today doesn’t mean you should stick only to that. Play around with other erogenous zones as well. You can do it by hand, with a partner, or with the help of some clever sex toys. Teach your mistress anal caress and communicate it well to make anal play a better experience for both of you.

For example, see which pleasurable sensations you can get from an anal toy paired with nipple clamps. It’s also an excellent idea to shove a butt plug in and have sex with your partner, hump a fleshlight, or enjoy a bit of clitoral stimulation. By stimulating multiple areas, you build up to a powerful orgasm that will leave you gasping for breath in no time. Coincidentally, this type of play also works well as a stamina training technique. 

Sure, when it comes to anal play, the butt should be the star. But don’t make it a monodrama, we beg of you! Stimulating other areas will make you relax more (which is particularly vital for first-timers and novices), and make the experience more pleasurable.

The Gift From the Heavens — the Mighty Butt Plug

If your anal play involves heavy penetration, you have to prepare yourself. That is where toys like butt plugs come in handy (and make you come in some cases). 

Butt plugs can be the main event of anal play, or they can be the delicious appetizer that will open you up and leave you eager for more. You can even wear butt plugs during the day to get yourself pumped up and ready for the main course in the evening (or whenever). 

A Party of Two (Or More)

Those who never rode the Choo Choo train to Bumhaven (in other words, complete beginners) should always try exploring anal play on their own first. That way, there’s less pressure to perform, and you can always stop if you aren’t enjoying it without disappointing anyone.

However, once you do jump over that sexual hurdle, invite your partner (or partners) to join you while you walk down the road less traveled. Give the reins to your pleasure to someone else. That way, you’ll be able to focus more on each sensation that anal play creates (and there will be plenty). 

Fly Solo and Reach New Heights

Do you know what would make your jerk-off sessions even better? A little bit of hand-to-gland combat. Incorporating anal play into your “me time” will pay off handsomely.

It’s true that anal play is a trial-and-error type of situation. You won’t get out of bed one day with the bright idea to try it, and then figure it out within a few minutes with a mighty orgasm to follow. Sorry, that’s just not how sex works.

So flying solo and successfully reaching orgasm via anal masturbation takes quite a few tries. However, before you know it, you’ll find all the best positions, toys, and roads that lead to sexual bliss.

Rimjobs and Anal Penetration

People have clashing opinions on rimming. Some love tossing their partner’s salad and find the puckering hole the perfect spot for their tongue, while others think ass-to-face action isn’t their cup of tea.

So it’s a matter of opinion. However, if you’re avoiding rimming just because you’re squeamish, we recommend you clean yourself really well and let someone loose on your rosebud. If you don’t like it, that’s fine. However, believe us when we say, feeling someone go lickety-split on your pucker is an experience like no other. 

The feeling of a hot tongue on your sensitive rim, especially when paired with toys for anal penetration, will transform your views on anal play entirely.

Safety First — There’s No Rush

The number-one rule of anal play is — don’t push. Well, push, of course, but not if there’s too much resistance. If that delicious burning sensation leans more on the painful side or if anything downright hurts — slow down. Every type of anal play, even light probing, requires extensive prep. If it hurts, then you aren’t appropriately prepared; it’s that simple. 

Do you have a vision in your mind of rough anal play that will wrench an orgasm out of you almost forcefully? That’s fantastic. You can do that, but not right from the get-go. 

You have to work your way up to it. So start small — a tongue bath here, a lubed up finger there, until you reach the heights you and your anus have been dreaming about.