7 Things to Know When Choosing the Perfect Anal Plug

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If you are not yet an active user of anal toys, for sure, the assortment of intimate products section for your anus in sex shops can sometimes be overwhelming. With these so many options, you might be wondering which ones to buy. In this article, we will let you know the things to consider before buying an anal plug. 

What are anal plugs for?

Let’s take a look at what anal plugs are. These are small cone-shaped products on a broad base for insertion into the anus. Unlike serious devices designed for sophisticated adherents of unconventional sex, corks are universal, suitable for both beginners and experienced anal lovers.

It’s For Everyone – Everyone has the same anus, and both partners can enjoy the caress of the back hole. Sensitivity is acutely increased in the walls of the rectum, and their stimulation is a source of incredibly pleasant sensations.

To prepare the anus for sexual contact

At the first experience of penetration in the ass it is rarely possible to avoid unpleasant sensations. When a penis has penetrated the anus, the sphincter muscles reflexively contract, and instead of receiving pleasure, the partner experiences pain. If a cone-shaped cork is inserted into the anus during prelude, the body will get used to a foreign object in the rectum and will no longer resist. Preparing your anus for anal sex is better than forcing it that could ruin anal sex for you.

To create a double penetration effect

Additional stimulation during vaginal contact should not hurt. Incorporating an anal toy while having vaginal intercourse can actually enhance the pleasure for both.. With classic sex it is not always possible to stimulate the most sensitive posterior vaginal wall. The filled rectum constricts the muscles of the vagina just in the place of the greatest concentration of nerve endings, giving the woman an unforgettable sexual pleasure. How to achieve this effect? Invite a another person? Not everyone is ready for it, but the anal plug is available to any couple. For beginners, elongated plugs that mimic a small penis, and drop-shaped toys are recommended. Wearing a plug while having a vaginal intercourse can add another layer of pleasure that partners can both experience.

To stimulate the prostate

The prostate gland in men is one of the most sensitive erogenous zones. That is why they like anal massage and petting so much. But the same body is the main source of sexual power, and if its work is disrupted, problems in intimate life are not far off. The best way to prevent and treat prostate diseases is to regularly massage through the anus. For these purposes, it is better to use an anatomically curved stimulator that exerts pressure directly on the gland. There are special anal plugs for wearing, which alternately reinforce, then reduce the effect on the prostate during movement.

For roleplay sex

Role accessories for animal play with tails of various animals are a great opportunity to experience new sensations. For example, a cork with a fluffy fox tail will allow you to play and realize your wildest fantasies, by preparing your ass for sex or by imitating double penetration.

And now the question: why do you need a butt plug if you can insert any suitable object in the ass and get the same effect? You can insert any object, but certain objects may be difficult to retrieve because of their design. Getting an object stuck in your rectum can pose so many risks. Not to mention that you would have to explain to a doctor how it got in your anus.

For anal toys, there must be a special limiter that will not allow it slip deep inside. Never enter into the ass things that are not adapted for this, the same applies to sex products for vaginal use. We will talk about how to use these products without compromising your safety.

Rules for the use of anal stimulants

You cannot just take and insert in the ass sex toy. Without training, it threatens physical and aesthetic discomfort. How to avoid it? Be sure to follow the recommendations on how to use the anal plug:

Start with intimate hygiene

Take this issue seriously, so as not to spoil the impression of unconventional caresses. Needless to say, the rectum must be emptied and cleaned with an enema or anal shower.

Before each use and after application, wash the toy with warm soapy water or treat it with a special disinfectant to clean intimate items.

Cork must be plentifully lubricated. Do not forget that the rectum is not originally intended for sex, and there is not enough mucus in it to slip. Use special water-based or silicone-based lubricants, depending on the material of the toy being injected. Creams, oils, petroleum jelly with anal stimulants can not be used, so as not to damage the product.

Maximum relaxation of the muscles of the anus and the whole body

Erotic massage, vaginal sex, oral sex will help. In a more relaxed state, the plug is easier and more pleasant to insert. When using it for the first time, it is advisable to do it yourself to better control the the insertion. And after getting used to it, you can have your partner insert it for you.

Do not try to immediately use a large size plug. For starters, it is better to choose a small diameter, and gradually achieve the expansion of the sphincter for painless anal sex.

It is recommended to try to relax your anal muscles for 10 to 15 minutes after each use before inserting it again.

Varieties of butt plugs

Given the huge range of anal toys, it is easy to get confused. Here are the varities of the butt plugs that you should be familiar with:

  • Size – sizes can go from 7cm to 30cm in length, while the diameter starts with 2cm. The bigger the size, the more it can stretch your anal nerve endings.
  • Shape – shapes vary from tapered, penis-lick, smooth, rigged, and textured. These can add to the sensation while sliding a plug in your anus.
  • Materials – look for plugs that are made of medical silicone, stainless steel metal, rubber, class, or PVC. These materials are proven to be safe.
  • Design – there are so many colors to choose from. There are also plugs that are used for roleplay sex or animal play depending on the design.
  • Functionality – you can find anal plugs that can be used manually, with vibrating feature, and some can be controlled through an app.

Despite numerous types of anal plugs, each is designed for its own purposes. cat tails can be purchased here. When choosing, be guided by your desires and experiences:

Beginners better dwell on classic smooth plugs of a small size. The most comfortable for beginners are products made of latex, silicone, gel, which have a pleasant velvety surface and quickly take body temperature.

Does the Shape of a Butt Plug Matter?

Like everything in life, the shape and size of a perfect anal toy are relative. Some might find them best when they’re small, pocket-sized souvenirs. On the other hand, others might like big bulges made to terrorize the anus. All in all, there’s something for everyone interested in anal pleasure out there.

Most butt plugs come in your standard shape. That means they have a flared base, a narrow neck, and an egg-shaped top, which ends with an elegant pointy end. But when it comes to butt plug sizes, we can primarily distinguish between three standard types: Small plugs (around 3 inches), medium-sized ones (around 5 inches), and the big guns (above 6 inches).

Of course, even the smallest types cause trouble for beginners. Hence, it’s recommended you adequately lube up both the toy and the rectum. Just like everything new, starting slowly and then gradually increasing the size of your toy should be the goal for every new user. If the tiniest plugs still cause problems after soaking them in water-based lube, trying small anal beads might prove better for you.

Also, there are special butt plugs that look quite different from the standard ones. Their shape is pretty similar to a walnut (if that makes any sense). They usually work better for guys since they tingle their exocrine glands. That is why most people call them prostate massagers.

When Should You Upgrade to a Wide Butt Plug?

Just like we’ve said previously, starting with small stuff is always the answer. Only when you become comfortable with your anal play routine should you consider leveling up. Sexual health is important, and overestimating yourself can prove dangerous.

Time and responsible use are the two primary factors to consider when thinking of upgrading with silicone plugs. Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, your asshole won’t widen safely in a matter of days. Using anal training kits, as well as anal beads, is a must if you want to prepare your hole for a massive plug.

Also, we find it essential you only insert body-safe products like silicone butt plugs. Additionally, washing them with soap and water after use is a must if you don’t want to get a bacterial infection. Once again, using water-based lube should be imperative. Wearing a butt plug is cool and all, but staying safe is even more so!