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hello and welcome to this evenings
edition of Sunday worship with Sophie
st. Thomas tonight we are going to be
talking about animal tail butt plugs
I suppose the first question to ask is
why would someone want to wear it hit a
little tail butt plug I mean to me it
seems fairly obvious it’s just like who
why wouldn’t you want to have a fox tail
and then trot around with a being a cute
little fox people typically enjoy animal
tail butt plugs as part of display that
stands for dominance and Submission so
you know how like you’ll be like daddy
spanked me you know that denotes a power
exchange in which it’s not remember NDS
it’s not dominance over the submissive
partner but rather an agreement and
exchange you’re still equal partners
even if one person is the daddy or one
person is the Fox little baby fox who’s
gonna get fucked so good so during pet
play the submissive partner gets to wear
the butt plug and be a little pet and
then what you do with it is up to you
you can crawl along the floor and your
partner can give you orders such as on
maybe to eat dog food or to lick their
semen off the ground or you could have
if you have a vagina
you could have vaginal sex with this and
with your partner and they could get to
fuck their little Fox I should know that
pet plate is totally different than
zoophilia and having a fetish for having
sex with actual animal source talking
about roleplay here as I was saying
double penetration or you could just add
a little extra oomph to the benefits of
using a butt plug which can help you
prepare for anal sex the rectum does not
lubricate just like the vagina does and
so you have to take really good care of
it if you want to have enjoyable anal
sex and that involves using lots of Lube
starting small with a few fingers and
then maybe a plug before going into
larger objects like a phallic object
you’re choosing a dildo a penis or a
fist say some people who are into pet
play have specialties like they might
like little doggies or there is
something called horseplay or if you
ever seen people galloping around like
horses that seems the most physically
intense to me but those are all some
Nisha’s of pet play but to keep this
video brief I will get back to how to
use one
and if foxes aren’t your thing yes you
can get one that’s a horse tail or a
cute little bunny rabbit and they do
have real Fox options but if you are
uncomfortable with that there are
beautiful beautiful beautiful animal
tail butt plugs made with fake fur maybe
think even rainbow fur whatever you want
I promise you you can find it that is
the great thing about kinks you want to
be sure that the part going into your
asshole has a solid base so it doesn’t
get lost inside of you the rectum can
suck up objects and you want to make
sure that it is made with a body safe
non-porous material so you can clean it
the problem with inexpensive cheap sex
toys is that they’re porous and bacteria
can go inside of them and then you get
bacteria trapped in there and that can
lead to like yeast infections and
urinary tract infections but this one’s
stainless steel and I could use any Lube
with this one I would want something
goopy and sticky for anal play you want
something that’s gonna last a long time
which typically I’m speaking generally
but typically a silicon-based lubricant
is going to be goofier and
longer-lasting than a water-based
lubricant however you can’t use silicone
lube on silicone toys
it’ll just like dip load or explode
implode on each other like a Scorpio
let’s go on Scorpio relationship so if
you’re a sex toy or butt plug is made
with silicone you want to go water-based
and you can
have awesome ale sex or just awesome
wearing of a tail with water-based Lube
my name is Sophie st. Thomas by the way
I bought this at a local store in New
York if you do have an adult sex shop in
your area I would recommend going to
them because they have just the most
knowledgeable staff about exactly what
you want whether it’s fake fur real fur
what loop to use and you also get to
support local businesses but these are
all over Amazon if you don’t want to go
that anyways goodnight