Basic Guide to Puppy Play

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Pup Play 101: A Guide to Puppy Play

Once in a while, there comes a moment when everyday life becomes overwhelming, and you want to break out from your own skin. Wouldn’t you want to become someone else, someone who follows their own instincts, someone who is free to explore and be playful? Someone just like a dog? If this idea tickles your fancy, maybe you should check out the puppy lifestyle.

What Is Puppy Play?

It’s tricky defining pup play kink in one sentence as it means different things to different kinds of people, more so since the community is constantly growing, and members discover new ways to express themselves.

Pup play falls under the category of pet play. In its core, it is relationship dynamics with roleplay elements. In short, one partner takes on a pet’s persona, in this case, a dog, while the other partner becomes a handler or an owner.

Mind you, some pups have no masters and just like playing with other pups. A handler might have several dogs too, and so on. The social structure may differ depending on the couple or the community.

By exploring the pup and owner relationship, one can develop it into whatever they like — escapism, snuggling and comfort, social gathering and playing, and BDSM.

Who Is the Puppy?

Pup or a puppy is a common term for a person who becomes the pet in the relationship. They become a pet and wear their pup gear, exhibiting dog-like behavior.

Hoods and masks that resemble dogs’ heads and a leash are fundamental elements of pup transformation. You can also wear different costumes and accessories to feel liberated in them.

Then there are behavioral aspects. Pups walk on all fours, bark, prance, eat from the bowl, play fetch with their owner, or whatever their inner doggo likes.

Many people take on the personas of dog breeds they are inspired by. So a puddle might be playful and fashion-oriented, while a German shepherd is majestic and slightly intimidating.

Pups may also take on the social structures of dogs among themselves. Thus you can encounter alphas, domineering and experienced members of the puppy community. They run the pack, so to speak.

Then, right below them, you can encounter betas, the less authoritarian dogs. However, they have enough experience to engage with newcomers. And then there are omegas, the highly subservient puppies.

Who Is the Handler?

People who take on the commanding and nurturing role in pet play become handlers. They are the yang to the pups’ yin. They are a less flashy member of the duo, since being an owner means they stay being a human.

Handlers enjoy making their pets happy — they absorb their enthusiasm and happiness. The central aspect of their role is taking care of their doggo and helping them thrive.

Of course, owners can also reprimand their pets. They provide systems of awards and punishment to rectify pup’s behavior. Sometimes, the puppy needs some punishment, and handlers may discipline them. That is all to build a better relationship and explore their fantasy.

What Does Puppy Play Look Like?

Like with every fetish, it ends up being what you make of it. Pup play kink can be quite cute and personal. On the other hand, it can be social and adventurous. And of course, it may become extreme as it ventures into BDSM. You let your inner dog sniff out your fantasies and let it take you there.

The trick is entering the head-space of a dog. Once you are done with your mundane life for the day, you let your doggo persona out. Some people like to dress up in costumes, wear accessories, or at least put on a hood and leash.

Though wearing pet play elements is essential to many, it is crucial to behave like a dog. You can play with your handler and show them affection by licking their face and barking cheerfully at them. They can scratch your belly or that sweet spot. Show them what you like, and they’ll oblige.

Your handler may feed you and give you your favorite treats when you are a good boy/girl! Couples who are open to socializing outside their homes may go on walks or mosh playdates with other pups and owners.

Of course, moshing usually takes place in special clubs and safe no-judgment spaces, so be sure to check your local pet play community.

Puppy Play and BDSM

Certainly, there are elements of puppy play that brush with BDSM. One could even say they are interconnected. Well, yes and no. To an initiated eye, they can appear the same. Similarly to BDSM practitioners, many pups wear latex suits and headgear, not to mention chokers and leashes.

However, masters and servants use these elements to practice submission, domination, and get pleasure from pain. The relationship between a pup and their handler might be completely free of these aspects. The leash can represent union and belonging, and not servitude.

What’s more, many pet roleplayers don’t see the bond between themselves as one of servitude and dominance. For them, handlers and pets are equals.

There is a large community of pups who love practicing BDSM in their pet play. These puppers like to play it rough and wag their tails at the collars’ sight, relishing in spikes, tight leather, and cages. Punishment, getting locked in a cage, and being shown who’s their daddy is all part of the game.

Costumes and Accessories

Puppy owners have a variety of inconspicuous clothes that generally show that they are just that — pup owners. They can wear T-shirts with their pupper’s name printed on it, or their pet’s toy as a key chain and so on. That way, many handlers hide in plain sight.

When it comes to puppy costumes, that’s when the adventure begins. Costumes are either full-body onesies or just leggings. They are latex and leather. Also, they come in all colors and prints, but a gold standard is black or colors of dog hair.

A must-have accessory is a dog hood. They come in various sizes and colors, usually imitating the shape of a head of different dog breeds. Another can’t-miss-it element is the collar or a chocker. Those are usually accompanied by a leash or a name tag in the shape of a bone.

And let’s not forget paw gloves and tail butt plugs that come in all sizes and shapes. Those who shy from anal play may find tails as strap-ons or attachments.

Now that you have a general feel of what puppy play kink is, you need to decide whether you are ready to become a pup person. The whole world of playful pets awaits you.