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If you want to embrace your wild side, it’s always a good idea to try some role-play. But what is the difference between role-play and pet play, and why is fox play so popular? What are the main traits of fox play, and which accessories should you get? Before you start your hunt, check out our guide to fox play to learn more! 

Traits of Fox Play 

For starters, there are several different types of pet play, including puppy, kitten, pony, wolf play, etc. Fox play is also one of the most popular animal role-play fetishes. But, some newbies may not know that fox play and other kinds of animal role-play extend far beyond kinky sex. Fox play is not only about jamming a furry tail plug into your booty and serving your master! 

For many fans of this kink, the goal is to assimilate the mannerisms of foxes into sexual and non-sexual activities. What’s more, people enjoy fox play a lot because it can be used as a kind of escapism. It allows Doms to train their subs or littles (foxes) and look after them. It is quite similar to puppy or kitten play. Still, there’s a wild side to foxes and a hint of independence. It makes this type of pet play incredibly special.

Fox Play Basics

Typically, the main goal for subs is to take on the features and behavioral traits of a fox. Also, the key difference between fox and other pet play roles is that you can decide whether or not the fox will be tamed. Some even prefer to stay wild because they enjoy the taming process. Think about all the scratching, biting, and rebelling against the trainer/owner! If it’s non-sexual, people can enjoy fox play due to those playful qualities and explore many nuances within the fox/trainer relationship.

However, you can focus your attention on domesticating a fox, but the result should be different from puppy and kitten play. Remember, foxes are less needy and much more independent. 

When it comes to sex, this kink will truly allow you to walk on the wild side! Couples can try all kinds of pet/owner aspects, various accessories, and toys, as well as kinky behavior and tons of pleasurable sex acts. Ultimately, it should all revolve around the dominant and submissive bond. Plus, sex or no sex, fox play and its lively dynamics can calm your nerves and offer you an escape from reality. That will lower your stress levels, boost your confidence, and allow you to understand your partner better. 

Fox Play Accessories 

So what are the best accessories to add to your playroom if you want to try this kink? Obviously, you don’t have to start with a $1,000 realistic fox mask with real fur or an equally expensive full-body fur costume. If you or your partner want to get into this role, you can stock up on some essential accessories like a pair of fox ears and a collar. It all depends on what you want to do during the training and if your fox play will be sexual or non-sexual. 

For training, it’s always a good idea to get a leash. Additionally, consider a bowl and some treats. If you’re going to mess around with Dom and sub dynamics, try a flogger. For intense sex, a spreader bar or ankle cuffs can work wonders if you want to keep your fox on all fours. And to punish bad behavior, you can use mouth gags or even a cage if you’re into that. 

Regarding costumes, furry or latex varieties will be ideal. For instance, furry face or eye masks are a popular choice. Fox paw mittens are also a suitable option for obedient pets. But, if you prefer something kinkier, leather bondage boots, gloves, and latex eye masks are the way to go. 

What’s more, you could pick a costume based on color and materials. If you want it to look realistic, choose fur and brown/red colors. For innocent and cute foxes, you can use pink or purple fur for tails, ears, and other accessories. If it’s strictly about filthy BDSM play and brutal, beast-like penetration, definitely consider a latex or leather costume! Another great tip is to get some cat eye contacts. They’ll resemble fox eyes and will add a lot more realism to this kink. 

Fox Tail Plugs

Finally, fox tail butt plugs are the ultimate accessories for this role-play! They are available with real or fake fur, and the butt plug is usually made of stainless steel. When you insert it into your baby fox, they can prance around on all fours and show off their adorable tail when you train them.

Fox Play Events

Since fox play is so big in the BDSM community, there are many related public events, private gatherings, or fetish parties. Foxes are allowed to participate in most kitten or pup gatherings because of their similar traits. However, it’s better to check if foxes are allowed before you visit an event.

Still, the best gatherings for fox play are human fox hunts. They resemble a real fox hunt and occur outdoors. The whole ordeal includes several teams of hunters with their mounts (human ponies/horses) or even pups and wolves. The main goal? Capture the fox and tame it! 

Firstly, the human fox gets a head start and runs away to hide before the hunters and dogs come after it. Usually, the fox does not have a master or trainer. Then, when a hunter corners the creature, the event ends. It’s a fun activity because it allows you to spend the day outdoors with other fox and pet play enthusiasts. It also gives you a unique sense of freedom and allows you to get to know the community. Also, a hunt can include some exhibitionism or kinky costumes, but it’s rarely about sex. Yet, the event could end in an exciting evening play party.

Join the Hunt!

Now that you know all about fox play it’s time to get out there and tame your little beast! Alternatively, get a cute fox tail plug, slide it in your booty, and be a good little pet! Enjoy!