Why Should You Bring Your Sex Toys While Travelling

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Vacations are the perfect time to get out of your comfort zone and explore the unknown. And if you’re hoping to get laid while traveling or are finally looking towards getting some much needed alone time, you should consider packing some sex toys along with you. Adult toys are generally safe to carry on planes if you pack them discreetly. If you bring your butt plug, cock ring, vibrator, clit stimulator, or other intimate items, you’ll eliminate the possibility of a boring night out. And who knows, if you meet someone new, you can impress them with your collection! 

Let’s check out other reasons why you should pack some sex toys and bring them with you while traveling! 

Meeting Someone to Have Sex While Traveling

If you’re planning a naughty, sex-filled trip with other people, you shouldn’t forget your toys! The reason why is that you can connect with anyone today and have sex with them. 

Of course, you’ll have to like the person first, but it’s generally not as hard to connect with someone as it was a few decades ago. Nowadays, you can meet up with people through online dating apps or simply pick up a hottie in a bar for a quick hookup. Then, if you really want to get kinky, you can take out your toys! You’ll have sex with a total stranger, which means anything will be on the table. You can allow them to use your toys on you or vice versa. Both of you will be able to try out any fetish or sexual activity that you like, no strings attached. It’s surely a win-win! 

And, if you think about it, you’ll always be ready for a quicky, filthy fuck-fest if you take your toys along. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet someone on the plane or train? That would be the best moment to proudly present your goodies! It’s a great way to kill your time and satisfy your sexual appetite. But, before you show off your beloved prostate massager or best double ended dildos, make sure that your hookup will be okay with it. Not everyone will be impressed with your monster black dildo and magic wand. The way to find out if your new fuckbuddy is down for it is to simply ask them about it. Simply slip it into your conversation when flirting. Even if they’re not into it personally, they might get off on the thought of satisfying you. 

Sex Toys Allow You to Have Fun Alone When Traveling

As mentioned, if you’re going on a trip alone, you’ll never have a boring evening if you consider getting on the plane with a sex toy. If you book a hotel room or an apartment, you’ll have complete privacy to do whatever you like. No one will know what you’re doing!

While it’s obviously quite pleasurable, it is also extremely naughty. You can even tour a new city with a butt plug or some beads inside your anus or for your vaginal stimulation. After a whole day of walking and exploring, you can finally bring yourself to orgasm at night using your toys! 

Plus, you could try your toys in public places and try not to get caught! And if you’ve got the right gadgets, you can stimulate a full-on gangbang all on your own in a hotel room. Watch out for room service, though. 

And the ideas don’t stop there. If you meet someone new, you can fantasize about them while using them without actually connecting. Moreover, if you’re away from your partner, you can masturbate and think of them. It’s also extremely hot to connect with your significant other online. Then, you can use your webcam and show them what you’d like them to do to you. 

Which Toys to Pack? 

As mentioned, many airlines will allow you to take your toys. Some airlines may have a specific rule against them, so it’s best to check with your company. The rules of the TSA state that anyone is permitted to bring their toys on an airplane. This applies to hand luggage as well as checked luggage. However, if you want to avoid an embarrassing situation during an airport security check, try not to go overboard. It may not be smart to travel with a suitcase full of suspicious BDSM gear or oversized toys that could look dangerous. Being forced to open your bag and take them out could seriously put you in an uncomfortable situation. 

So which toys should you bring along? It may be better to pack light and small. If you’ve got a small vibrator or butt plug, seal it in a plastic bag. That way, the security that handles it will not touch it with their hands. Another tip is to remove any batteries. Interestingly, the TSA website has an entire section dedicated to adult toys. Some of the toys allowed are handcuffs, vibrators, dildos, etc. Interestingly, there is no rule regarding size. 

The Vacation of a Lifetime

In conclusion, everyone should travel with sex toys at least once! It’s an incredibly sexy and naughty way of having fun while traveling. Just think of all the possibilities! So take a look at some sex toys today and have a safe trip!