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Immerse yourself in the world of special stimulation and discover a new form of orgasm! With a prostate massage, you can expand your sexual horizons and pamper yourself properly or let them indulge in a shared love game. The topic is still foreign to many men, but why should one miss this enjoyment? So take your time, relax and check the guide to external prostate massage.

The prostate – what is it?

The prostate is the so-called prostate gland. It is one of the accessory sexual glands, which means that it is formed along the genital tract and exists in addition to the actual sexual glands. The prostate is reserved for men and serves to produce a secretion, which is added to the sperm. This secretion ensures that the sperm in the vagina have a chance of survival. Those looking for the prostate will find it below the urinary bladder where it covers the beginning of the urethra. And anyone who wants to stimulate them directly can do so via the rectum.

Forms of prostate massage

Prostate massage is not just for sexual reasons. The prostate stimulation is also used in medical treatment especially if there is a suspicion of chronic prostatitis. The goal is to detect bacteria in the urine. But we want to deal with the prostate massage as a sexual practice, which drives you into new unsuspected sexual spheres. You want to experience a climax that is comparable to the female orgasm? Then you achieve this by stimulating your prostate. Maybe you have already made a journey of discovery in the area between testicles and anus. About the so-called dam you can indirectly massage and stimulate your prostate. However, it becomes more intense with a direct stimulation of the prostate. You can penetrate with your fingers or a sex toy in the anus.

Finally it starts with the exciting massage. But stop! Not quite so fast. As with every massage there are important things to prepare. In the first place of course is the hygiene. Because who moves in the area of ??the anus, should be clean. This is completely fix with lukewarm water and a ph-neutral soap. Also important is a defecated intestine. If you want to play it safe, you can do a bowel purge. There are helpful hints for this.

Booty call anal shower

The fingers and the sex toys must not come into the genital area after contact with the anal area. This is the only way to prevent intestinal bacteria from invading this area and causing infections. But now to the pleasant part of the prostate massage. Lubricant is a good companion in many sex practices and should also be used in prostate stimulation. The range of lubricants is immense and has something for every taste. Especially for anal use, the anal lubricant or the Anal Silicone Glide Lubricant is recommended.

In our Gleitgel Guide we explain everything you need to know about this topic. The lubricant facilitates penetration into the anus. In addition, it is extremely important that you relax. It does not matter if you massage yourself or have a massage. Before penetration, the area around the rosette can be gently caressed and massaged with lubricant. This relaxes the muscles in this sensitive area. That should not happen by force. Here one may, in the truest sense of the word, carefully approach and gently penetrate.

The Indirect Prostate Massage

It can be quite a nice addition if the prostate is additionally massaged indirectly in addition to the stimulation of the penis or testis. You can find the prostate directly between scrotum and anus. This area is called dam (perineum). In order to reach it well, you lie down on your back and relax. Now you are scratching the spot with one or more fingers and apply a slight pressure. It can also be very exciting to use a small vibrator, because the vibration has a very stimulating effect on the area. Of course, this task can also be assumed by the partner. There are no limits to creativity in lovemaking. Good is what they like.

The Perineum Massager is anatomically shaped and reminds of a dolphin with its curved tip. And like a dolphin, this perineum vibrator feels good in the water too. You can take him under the shower and in the tub and experience sparkling moments. Introduce the perineum massager anal and find out which waves of pleasure he can give you.

The Direct Prostate Massage: With your finger

If you have prepared well for the prostate stimulation, then it can finally start. The prostate is about five to seven inches in the body inserts. In principle, it is easier to feel when you are slightly excited, because then it swells. To do this, simply bend your finger in the direction of the abdominal wall. Now you have several options.

Vibrate with your finger and apply different levels of pressure. Circle the prostate with gentle movements. Clamp the prostate between the index and middle fingers and massage from both sides.

The most effective is, however, if you just experiment a little because you alone know what you like. Have you found taste in the prostate massage? Then increase your sense of pleasure and use one of the exciting sex toys.

With a sex toy

You are familiar with the prostate and want more? Then use one of the exciting prostate stimulators. We introduce you to different models here. You will find sex toys for beginners and advanced because the flagpole of the possible is far from reached. In principle, stimulation of the prostate with a sex toy is the same as with a finger massage. Use sufficient lubricant and prepare yourself for the upcoming comedy. Inconspicuous in appearance, but more extreme in the stimulation – the Premium Prostate Massager have a perfectly curved tip that targets and stimulates the prostate. With its shape and smooth surface, it is the specialist for prostate stimulation. Introduce it with enough lubricant and start experimenting. You will quickly notice what drives you to climax. At the same time massage your penis and you will experience a true orgasmic explosion. Your orgasms will not only be stronger, but longer as well. Thanks to the processing you can Dr. med. Joel Kaplan Power Probe Prostate also take a shower or in the tub. In addition, it is ideal for the love game for two.