Pet Play: What to Expect When You Join a Puppy Play Club?

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If you have a partner who identifies as a German Shepherd or if you want to explore your animalistic tendencies, puppy play clubs will allow you to thrive in your natural environment! But what is pet play? What can you expect when you join a puppy play club? Here’s what you and your fur-baby should know!

Puppy Play

Firstly, human pet play has been incredibly popular in recent years. It’s a type of role play that allows people to get into some animal characters and express their primal nature. Puppy play involves various activities like fetching bones, wagging tails, barking, wearing dog hoods or collars, etc.

Usually, submissive partners take on the puppy role, whereas their dominant companions can become their masters. That way, the kink is about puppy training, which is based on power exchange and discipline. It’s also about cuddling, nurturing, learning, and much more. It enables people to lower their defenses, let go of their responsibilities, and explore their rawest behaviors.

Additionally, it doesn’t necessarily involve sex. Still, many people love to incorporate it into BDSM, domination/training fetishes, etc. Furthermore, everyone can interpret puppy play in their own way, and that’s why it’s so unique.

A few years ago, it was a massive trend in the LGBT community. Later, it spawned an entire community of its own with people who enjoy sharing their puppy play affections. Nowadays, there is so much to learn from it! Joining a club is a great option for beginner or intermediate pups and their owners/trainers. It also gives you a safe dating environment if you’re single and want to meet like-minded kinksters.

Gain More Knowledge

If you want to get to know the community, you can join a puppy play club or any other venue/organization that encourages pet play. You can find a local puppy play group or even attend themed “bring your puppy” evenings. They could take place at leather bars or similar venues. A big reason why pet play fans love to share their kink with others is that it allows them to gain more knowledge and interact with like-minded individuals. Socializing in this way can be a profound learning experience. That is, you can explore the vastness of the puppy play universe.

What’s more, you can learn to take this kink to its full potential. That can include learning about its BDSM connotations, safe and consensual sex, exploring your sexuality, and more. If you don’t want to relate it to sex, you can just do it for the fun and the mental comfort it provides. Plus, it’s a big learning experience. It can allow you to see what others are doing and how they are training their young puppies, for example.

You Will Become Part of Something Bigger Than Yourself

Like we’ve said, the pet play community has grown into something truly special. Besides heaps of furry fun, attending puppy play events can be liberating and highly fulfilling. It allows you to become a part of something bigger than yourself and share your pet play affections with others. You can make friends, overcome your fears, relax, get to know yourself better, and have a good time.

Moreover, it seems that the psychological functions of the kink are much more versatile compared to other fetishes. For pups, it allows them to tap into their basic psychology and simply be themselves in a space that allows them to thrive. That way, the community provides and raises awareness of the rights of adults. It encourages diversity, regardless of the type of kink, race, and gender.

Access to Judgement-Free Events

Puppy play and BDSM events in general are also popular because they provide you with a judgement-free zone.

As kinksters, our behaviors are not generally accepted in the public, and people can often make fun of us or be judgemental of our choices. However, this will not happen at pet play events because they encourage you to be yourself. If you want to socialize with your puppy, dress them up in leather, and play catch using a red rubber ball, no one will stop you. Plus, if you want to bark, howl, or sniff out other human puppies, you won’t get any weird looks or comments. Basically, members of the puppy play community can become your new friends and family! You can share your kink with them while forgetting about boundaries and limitations.

Provide Support to Other Communities

Puppy play also encourages diversity, equality, and it bypasses gender differences. If you join your local group or community, it won’t solely be about indulging in your fantasies. You can offer support to your puppy play peers. Also, you can make them feel accepted and valued, turn more people on to this kink, etc.

Additionally, you can encourage support to new groups in your area. Pup play events will usually allow all kinds of animals, from puppies, kittens, to ponies. You can visit various events and spread your message of equality while nurturing the notions of puppy play. That is, your community can provide help to new groups. It can organize new events for everyone to socialize and serve as a safe haven for all puppy play lovers. The pet play community has been a beacon of hope in recent years, and it aims to preserve the culture for future generations.


Now that we’ve shown you some of the benefits of puppy play clubs, it’s time for some furry fun! Woof woof!