The Pros and Cons of Prostate Massage

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We’ve all found ourselves knuckles-deep in our asses while trying to reach the Holy Grail of all orgasms — the prostate orgasm. Some of us even tried getting to the elusive and fickle prostate gland with sex toys. We did whatever we could to put that delicious pressure that makes us feel ecstatic. 

The first time you had a prostate orgasm, you probably panted, whined, and whimpered from sexual pleasure. And we’re betting you were willing to go to any lengths to reach that high again! We know we are. A prostate orgasm is the pinnacle of sexual bliss; there’s no doubt about it. But is that all it’s good for? 

Prostate Massage 101

There’s so much more to prostate massage than pure pleasure. Sure, it makes your sex life go from drab to mind-blowing, but it also improves general sexual health. There are plenty of health benefits of prostate massage and prostate milking. Although still in the early stages, medical research shows promising results that point us in that direction. 

The prostate is like the main boss of the male reproductive system. It’s a small gland with a lot of responsibilities. If it’s healthy, it will be the size of a smaller walnut. The gland hugs the urethra, and, when enlarged, it can smother it with its love (that is actually quite a painful predicament).

The prostate produces clear prostate fluid that’s responsible for about 70 or more percent of your jizz. Of course, the prostate is also full of nerve endings that can drive a man nuts. So it’s pretty damn important.

A prostate massage is a procedure of applying direct pressure on the gland to milk it. If successful, the massage will make the prostatic ducts release built-up fluid. Clearing these ducts reduces inflammation of the prostate. That’s quite important as the inflammation puts pressure on the urethra and bladder and can cause a lot of issues.

Those who have fingered themselves before know exactly how to massage their prostate. Lube up a finger and gently push it up your rectum. Go slowly and allow your body time to acclimate to anal penetration.

Then, search for a spongy texture that’s different than the rest of the rectal wall lining. You’ll know you’ve hit it when you feel a jolt of pleasure. Continue applying pressure until you reach bliss (and achieve the release of excess fluid, of course).

The Health Benefits of Prostate Massage

Improving Prostate Health and Preventing Prostate Cancer

Regular prostate massages improve sexual health, make orgasms easier to reach, and lower the chances of inflammation. There’s a lot of speculation about whether massages can help prevent prostate cancer. Although that’s not been proven yet, regular prostate massages can help detect prostate cancer while it’s still in its early stages.

Enlarged Prostate

Inflammation of the gland, also known as prostatitis, prostate malignant growth (or chronic prostatitis) can be alleviated with prostate massages. Before you jump on the antibiotics wagon, your doctor will probably advise a prostate massage, at least to diagnose the issue.

Painful Ejaculation

If you feel pain while playing with your Disco Stick, especially while ejaculating, you might have blocked ducts. A gentle, thorough prostate massage can help clear them up. 

Erectile Dysfunction

Although the treatment for erectile dysfunction has improved quite a bit in the last few decades, prostate massages are still a piece of sound medical advice for anyone who has trouble getting it up (and keeping it there). 

Urination Issues

As mentioned, an inflamed prostate messes with both the urethra and the bladder. That can make urinating a living nightmare. It gets difficult, painful, and takes a lot more time than you’re used to.  A prostate massage might keep the pressure off the urinary tract, thus, making it easier to relieve yourself. If you have urination issues, with regular prostate massages, you’ll once again see a stable, steady stream you’ve been dreaming off.

Are There Any Cons (At All)?

So far, prostate massages sound fantastic, right? And they really are. But does that mean you should go to town every day and abuse your prostate as much as you can?

Hell no! If you try stimulating and milking your prostate too often, especially if you’re doing it ill-prepared, you might do more harm than good. Prostate massages done without any prep, without enough lube, and without proper anal massagers or other toys can cause issues like:

  • hemorrhoids
  • tearing
  • anal fissures
  • painful overstimulation
  • bleeding
  • cellulitis

If you don’t prepare well or try shoving your fingers up your but too often, sooner or later, you’ll cause some damage. If you’re not careful, you can make an existing condition, such as chronic prostatitis, worse. Bleeding of the anus, rectal walls, and around the prostate is also a real risk for those who don’t tread carefully. 

What to Expect When Getting a Prostate Massage

We know we’ve built up the image of the prostate massage being a gift from Heavens, but here’s the cold, hard truth — you might not enjoy it. Some guys are either ambivalent or wholly opposed to the sensations that prostate milking creates. 

Some men avoid prostate stimulation entirely out of the fear that it’s too outside of the box of their labeled sexuality. But the truth is, anal penetration and prostate massages have nothing to do with a person being straight, gay, or anywhere in-between. Experimenting with sexual pleasure should be normal. What’s more, embracing the health benefits of a prostate massage should transcend any labels. 

But it’s not just sexual identity that makes some guys dislike this kink. More often than not, a prostate orgasm will be stronger than the one you’d get by just jacking off. However, the process of prostate stimulation can be too much for some people. It’s an intense feeling that some people find excessive. Therefore, the promise of a strong, magical finish isn’t enough for them to endure the journey there. 

If you’re one of these people but aren’t willing to give up on the prospect of prostate milking just yet, try a different approach. Ask someone to help you, use a different toy, and, of course, apply less pressure. And don’t forget — practice makes perfect.

A Few Parting Words

Although it can be a magical experience, prostate massage can also exacerbate or even cause prostate problems. Therefore, before you embark on this fascinating adventure, make sure you know precisely what you have to do to benefit from a prostate massage.