Rabbits as Sex Symbols

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Why do we consider rabbits as sex symbols? Their appearance in art, erotic photos, kinky costumes, and porn (not with real bunnies, though!) says a lot. Why do so many sex toys look like hares? How did this sexual connotation come about? Did it originate from Playboy bunnies, or is the connection much more primal and animalistic? Here’s our breakdown!

Fuck Like Rabbits

It seems that the expression “fuck like rabbits” is ubiquitous. The modern rabbit craze was likely popularized by sexy Playboy bunnies way back in the 1960s. But it’s also much older than that, and it dates back to ancient times! 

When it comes to our own sexual habits, everyone always tells us to “do it like rabbits.” That involves ferocious and fast humping from behind. It also includes loud noises, long sex marathons, and so forth. The “fuck like rabbits” phrase is simply a nod to these creatures’ unique and intense mating rituals. Some have even turned bunny love into a hot role play kink or an intense BDSM fetish! 

But how could such fluffy, cute, and seemingly innocent bunnies be so dirty?  

Get to Know Our Furry Friends

If you loved Bugs Bunny, there’s a chance that all this new knowledge could mess with your childhood. Still, the fact that bunnies are sex icons is totally justified. These creatures are absolutely obsessed with sex! 

Sex-Crazed Mating Rituals

Rabbits mate incredibly frequently to produce lots of offspring. These adorable critters have a high reproductive rate due to extremely short gestation periods, that is, the time it takes to carry a fetus in the womb. 

For humans, it lasts about 40 weeks. But, for rabbits, it only takes around 30 days. After birth, most bunnies will just go back to having sex again! And on top of that, rabbits can get pregnant during the gestation period while they are already carrying a fetus. What’s more, for female rabbits, sex triggers ovulation, which explains the high frequency of breeding. That practically means that they need to have tons of happy humping sessions to get pregnant!

That’s also why the mating process starts during a rabbit’s early age. As for the actual mating session, a male bunny will mount his doe several times. Those sessions can take around 30 minutes, but the actual love-making is quick and voracious. If you’ve ever seen how fast they can run on those tender yet muscly legs, just imagine the speed of their humping! That will give you an idea of why Thumper from Disney’s “Bambi” is always so jolly!

As a result, bunny sex only lasts around 20–40 seconds. And another fun fact: foreplay in the rabbit world sometimes consists of the male hare urinating all over the doe before penetration. Also, males have an incredibly high sex drive. They are usually separated from the female once she is pregnant. Otherwise, they wouldn’t stop mating. 

At the end of mating season, the litter has around 100 babies, and rabbits can potentially spawn over 1,000 little bunnies in their lifetime. 

Rabbit Representation

As we’ve said, humanity’s fascination with rabbits and hares as sex icons is nothing new. They have been connected with intercourse and fertility for a long time now. 

For example, in an Aztec myth, there is a group of 400 rabbits, aka the Centzon Totochtin. They frequent drunken parties to encourage long sex rituals and orgies. In this ancient tale, the bunnies’ leader is called Ome Tochtli, a deity in the form of a rabbit that symbolizes intoxication and fertility. And that was way before the times of Playboy! 

Moreover, in ancient Greece, people sacrificed rabbits to Aphrodite as a kind of fertility prayer. Famous figures like Pliny, Plutarch, and Philostratus also thought that rabbits were the most fertile animals. 

In fact, Pagans all over Europe viewed rabbits as fertility symbols. They even held festivals for Eostre, the goddess of fertility who was always marked by a hare symbol and eggs. 

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What’s more, bunnies are the most common symbol of Easter, and they also represent life and fertility together with Easter eggs. Of course, cultures have various interpretations of fertility, so it’s natural that it will mean different things to Christians and the ancient Aztecs.

The Playboy Bunny

However, the bunny symbol truly cemented its sex-related connotations with Playboy. The famous bunny-suit-wearing models were a common sight in the original Playboy clubs from the 1960s to the 1980s. Their look was inspired by the Playboy logo, which depicts a tuxedo-wearing rabbit. 

Also, the iconic Playboy bunnies and their lustful nature is further expressed with rigorous training that the models had to complete. Per Hugh Hefner’s requests, all bunnies had to learn several sexy maneuvers that resembled rabbit behavior. That included the Bunny Stance, Perch, and Dip. Since the 1960s, we have embraced the iconic nature of the bunny costume, and we’ve always associated rabbits with some of Playboy’s original values. That includes sexiness, jumpiness, playfulness, etc. 

Bunny Play Kink 

So what happens when we truly embrace rabbits as our sexual spirit animals? 

Well, one of the most popular pet play fetishes is bunny play. It puts a whole new spin on the expression “fucking like rabbits!” This fetish is all about playing hare and doe rabbit roles. It’s usually based on submissive and dominant roles, as well as playful acts that mimic rabbit behavior and the iconic nature of rabbits.

When it comes to pet play, it’s worth mentioning that not everyone does it purely for sex. To many people, the roleplay can continue outside the bedroom, and people can play their rabbit roles in many ways. That involves eating rabbit food like salads or spinach and mimicking behaviors like hopping around on all fours and biting when angered. Pet play can also incorporate a lot of pet training in which the dominant can set some rules on petting/toys/behavior that the sub has to follow. 

Ultimately, it’s a way of engaging in a sexual fantasy, and it is always performed with consent. Many bunny girls and boys practice it because it allows them to explore the kinkier side of their sexuality. Plus, it also allows them to embrace their animalistic nature. 

Also, bunny play can be incredibly intense. It can involve the use of toys like fluffy bunny tail butt plugs. Plus, people can dress up in bunny costumes and wear collars or ears. Regardless of the props, bunny play can be fast, rough, hard, and orgasmic! 

Final Thoughts

Now that you know all about rabbit sex and bunny play, would you be brave enough to try it? Have fun!