The Best Costumes and Accessories for a Better Petplay Experience

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If you like to experiment with some kinky fetishes, or if you simply wish to try something new, petplay is definitely something that could get your blood pumping. Still, many people avoid it because they think they’ll have to invest tons of money into the appropriate equipment and sex toys.

This article will show you that it’s much easier than it seems and that you can get by with only a couple of easily accessible, affordable, and endlessly hot items. So it’s time to go full “beast mode” and explore some of the best costumes and accessories for a better petplay experience!

What Is Petplay?

If you have a leash or even a fluffy animal tail buttplug, you can try some petplay to see what it’s like. This type of role-play is unique, and it means many things for different people.

Namely, it requires you or your partner to take on the character of an animal. Some people practice petplay in non-sexual ways, while others use it for highly filthy BDSM sessions. Petplay is ideal for dom and sub relationships. A petplay leash is the perfect symbol of our hidden desire to dominate or obey orders.

You can use petplay to bring some excitement into the bedroom by acting like a sexy kitty or an innocent bunny. However, others can take petplay rather seriously.

Some couples can stay in their roles for a long time and even practice it in public by purring, barking, or even showing off their pet slave with a kitten play collar. Moreover, in special kinds of petplay, like pony play, people can participate in public shows and even races to proudly display off their prancing pets and share their fetish with others. Public humiliation is also a part of petplay.

Getting Into the Act

Overall, the most common pets that people choose for their roles are kittens and puppies. Horses, ponies, foxes, wolves, and bunnies are popular choices as well. You can also introduce some elements of fantasy. Unicorns, werewolves, superheroes, and other creatures that have animal qualities can fit into petplay. But it’s crucial to note that petplay doesn’t share anything with bestiality, which can be controversial and even illegal. Petplay follows the usual rules of sane, safe, and consensual.

When it comes to mimicking animals, petplay requires various appropriate accessories and sex toys. Regardless of the chosen animal, being a pet means being under someone’s control. That’s why you should always use a leash for your pet.

Some types of petplay, like pony play, need elaborate costumes, horse tack, and expensive human pull carts. Others, like kitten play, are not as demanding. It’s possible to get by with only some kitten play gear. That includes leather kitten ears, a sexy tail, and a shiny milk bowl.

With all types, there’s one thing in common. Namely, participants have to take on the strengths and characteristics of the chosen animal. For example, pony play can start with the entire process of an owner training their horse. It can involve teaching the human pony how to canter and get ridden by the trainer. Other kinds, like cow-play, can be even more intense, and they can actually involve induced lactation or even impregnation (breeding).

The Usual Petplay Costumes and Accessories

Of course, you don’t have to go such extreme lengths as we’ve mentioned above to try some petplay. If you’re kinky, a leash will be enough for most people. Both doms and subs will enjoy them, and they are the perfect tool for power exchange. Depending on the animal role, you can experiment with different leashes. That includes those made out of rope, chains, leather, and similar. If you want to get cute, fancy leashes with ribbons and bows are a good choice for innocent kitty training or puppy play.

Moreover, leashes are perfect for petplay because they offer a visual representation of ownership, especially in public. Plus, they are a psychological and physical enforcer to the sub. They also express the master/owner’s dominance.

As mentioned, animal tail butt plugs are also a must-have for petplay. They are made as standard plugs but with a tail at the end. The real or faux fur tail can resemble one from a dog, wolf, fox, etc. Conversely, cat tails are a bit tougher, and they are made of silicone.

Purrfect Petplay Accessories

Regarding other accessories, they are dependent on the animal type and your personal preferences. It’s possible to use popular BDSM tools and toys during petplay.

That includes ankle restraints, floggers for punishment, ball or bit gags, collars, and more. However, there are tons of animal-themed accessories that will bring more realism into the role-play. That includes muzzles, dog hoods, bunny ears, paw or hoof mitts, and riding crops. Also, fox ears and tails, wolf ears, and cat ear headbands are perfect for an innocent pet in need of discipline.

For many animals, you can also try bodysuits and elaborate PVC or latex cosplay costumes, and leather harnesses. Dedicated petplay aficionados and trainers also use realistic animal masks or other items for sensory restriction. It’s even possible to use animal dildos or cock sleeves. Also, you can even use a real cage if your partner agrees to it.

Where You Can Get Them

Like we’ve said, petplay should be sane, safe, and consensual. It’s an exciting and highly arousing fetish, and you will not be judged if you buy some related accessories. However, you could still get some awkward looks, especially if you walk into a sex shop and ask for a full-body leather pony suit for your sister’s Halloween party!

That’s why it might be better to shop online on retail sites like Amazon or even on dedicated petplay stores. You could find almost anything you need there, from leashes to sex toys.

If you’re a novice, definitely check out a simple leather leash, collar, and a fox tail plug. You can use those accessories during regular sex, rough sex, or even light bondage and humiliation sessions.

Also, those items will work if you truly want to get into character and use them to domesticate and train your pet slave. If you wish to explore things even further, consider your chosen animal and then invest in the appropriate gear. That includes masks, costumes, riding harnesses, petplay restraints, other sex toys, and more.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, petplay can be incredibly versatile and insanely hot. It can allow you to experiment with power play, domination, and turn you or your partner into a wild beast! But it can also be an intimate fetish, especially if you are dedicated to it. So order a leash or tail plug, and set your inner animal free! Good luck!