The Horse Code: Explaining Pony Play

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What is pony play, and why do so many people love it? This unique, albeit strange fetish can include a ton of sexual and non-sexual activities along with lots of exciting BDSM equipment. It may mess with your childhood a little bit, but if you like kinky fetishes and fantasies, it’s certainly something that you could explore in your bedroom or dungeon.

Take a look at our full guide on the horse code to learn all about pony play!

The Pony Express

Aside from dog and kitten play, pony play is a popular type of animal role-play. In this kinky activity, one or more participants can take on the character of a pony.

The participants, aka ponies (ponyboys and ponygirls), typically dress up and behave like equine animals. Within the BDSM context, pony play is a type of petplay. It is common in consensual dominant/submissive relationships. In this case, the submissive partner often plays the pony role. The dominant acts as the owner, trainer, or master.

Pony play is quite similar to real horse training. Many of the accessories and costumes for pony play make this fetish a perfect fit in the BDSM world. Kinksters have adopted it due to its power play elements and sex tools like whips, floggers, bit gags, and reins. Masters can also dress their ponies up in PVC, suede, black leather, and similar materials. Plus, many owners will use things like restraints and animal tail plugs on their ponies during training.

The Roles They Play

When it comes to explaining pony play, there are three main types of equines. That includes cart and riding ponies, which belong to the working pony category. Alternatively, show ponies are part of the dressage and eventing category. Each kind has a specific role within this fetish. However, it’s not uncommon for kinksters to participate in all three categories or even some subtypes. Those include rubber, pleasure, and breeding ponies.

Cart Pony

Firstly, cart ponies can pull sulkies. They tug carts on two legs or on all fours. Usually, the master will sit in the pull cart and give commands to their pet. They can haul all types of vehicles like carriages, chariots, wagons, sleights, and more. Human pony carts are usually pricey, but they are long-lasting and safe.

Additionally, cart ponies wear special equipment. That includes long reins, hoof boots/mitts, and more. There’s also a team carting category (multiple ponies on one cart), but it is usually considered to be a separate type of ponyplay.

Cart ponies require a lot of stamina, strength, and endurance. They have to pull a heavy cart and transport their master (driver) while staying in their role. Owners can train them using a variety of domination techniques and sexual games. Usually, you can use carts for public bondage scenes, sadomasochistic kinks, and outdoor exposure play.

Riding Pony

This type is self-explanatory, and the pets are used for human horse riding. Riding ponies can also do this on two or four legs. However, that involves rigorous dressage.

Ponyboys and ponygirls have to withstand the weight of their rider. This requires coordination and physical fitness. But part of it is simulated. Riders can support their weights and even move together with their pony to make things easier. As far as equipment goes, the ponies will have a saddle, and they could be trained to wear collars with D-rings and buckles.

Riding ponies are often the subject of erotic humiliation, spanking, body worship, and similar activities. They are always ridden by their masters, but others can hop on too (with permission).

Show Pony

Show ponies are not only used for horse exhibitions. The name is there to create a distinction from working ponies like the cart-riding kind.

Essentially, show ponies are trained to show off their equestrian disciplines in public or privately. That includes dressage, endurance, and jumping. For this, they have to expend a lot of effort and take on tough training regimens. This type is also well-groomed.

Accessories like plumes and elaborate harnesses are often utilized on show ponies. What’s more, their trainers will usually discipline them to either perform a special show (walking, galloping, jumping events, etc.) or show off their tack.

Why Do People Like Pony Play?

Human equine play is not the most common activity in BDSM. One reason is that the equipment for show, riding, and cart ponies can cost a lot. Still, ponyplay has a large following. It can mean a lot of things for different people.

For one, it can be a transformative experience. Ponies and their masters could use their sessions as a form of escape. While in character, they can quit worrying about the outside world. This can have a therapeutic effect.

Moreover, ponyplay can be an extension of love and affection for horses. Lots of people can participate in it together and share their fondness of ponies during public shows and races.

Due to its power dynamics, people in dominant/submissive relationships can truly enjoy it. It requires all sorts of training techniques and equipment perfect for BDSM activities. That’s why some could enjoy this fetish only for its sexual aspects. In this case, anyone can try pony play, and they will not have to invest a lot in pricey custom-made equipment like carts. With some horse masks, latex suits, bit gags, and tail plugs, you could try a session and combine it with various sexual acts to see what it’s really like.

What Do I Wear to the Races?

With a little determination, anyone can be a pony and a master/rider. If you are planning to participate in a race that simulates real horse racing, it’s best to dress your pony up as realistically as possible.

For the best results, you can utilize equipment that is made for human ponies. The most common items are arm and wrist restraints and bridles with ears, blinders, plums, etc. Boots and mitts that look like hooves are also good.

Moreover, butt plugs with horsetails and bit gags are certainly handy if you want to domesticate your pet slave. Bodysuits are also great for public races since they cover up your pet.

Other equipment includes collars, reins, nipple clamps, and harnesses for carts. If you want to be a dresser, you can try items like spurs (blunt or sharp), stud chains, whips, and similar training tools. Also, costumes and masks will look the most realistic as they will emphasize the equine look of your human horse. Plus, they are also great for sensory restriction.

Lastly, most ponies love apples and carrots, so it’s always a good idea to bring them along and use them as a reward.


Would you try pony play, and what do you think of it? As you can see, it is quite versatile, and chances are that lots of BDSM fans will love it. You simply have to find the accessories and toys that suit you the most, start training, and ride off into the sunset. Giddy up!