The Rise of a Different Kind of Pet Shop

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Petplay is a type of roleplay that has won the attention of many people who have a deep connection to their animalistic nature. Who is it for, and exactly what can you do during petplay? What are the main types of petplay, and which accessories should you use for the most authentic experience?

Today, we’ll discuss the rise of a different kind of pet shop and tell you all you need to know about petplay!

How Petplay Gained Popularity

Firstly, petplay is among the most unusual and most unique niche fetishes. It can be sexual as well as non-sexual, and it is in no way related to bestiality. Petplay is a consensual activity. It involves an individual, couples, or even a group of people enacting their animal fantasies.

Generally, petplay became popular due to several reasons. As humans, we have a natural urge to dominate and take control of our mates. We identify with petplay because it allows us to unleash inner animalistic urges. It is mainly based around power exchange between the submissive and the dominant partner, which is why it’s so common in BDSM circles. Petplay has also become normalized over the years due to tons of kinky online porn that features it.

If you’re a beginner, you can experiment with it by using only a leash or a tail plug during sex. This can add some naughtiness to the bedroom. On the other hand, people can get really into it, and they can put a lot of effort into their petplay sessions. The most dedicated petplay enthusiasts can even attend events like pony races or dog shows.

Choosing Your Spirit Animal

Everyone knows about the presence of spirit animals in various cultures. Petplay could also allow you to connect with a spirit animal and explore a mysterious side of yours or your partner’s personality. Choosing your animal requires you to do some thinking. It’s also essential to get a few appropriate accessories, such as cat ears.

Generally, the most common types of pets are puppies, kittens, and ponies. All of them require suitable accessories as well as sex toys. For example, if your partner wants to be a tiny and innocent rabbit, they can use a pair of fluffy bunny ears and a bunny tail butt plug. Dogs and cats also use pet ears, ear headbands, fake nails, collars, contact lenses, and similar. For puppy play, people generally use a dog leash and a puppy bowl.

Some types, like pony play, are more elaborate, and they require complicated accessories that fit the human body. That includes pull-carts or saddles.

For more intense BDSM scenarios, people can use floggers, whips, chains, ankle restraints, and more. The experience can become incredibly realistic if you use masks and costumes. That includes dog muzzles, horse head masks, hoof and paw mitts, bit gags, cages, etc. Note that pet stores may not be of any use to you here. If you are looking for toys and pet products for your roleplay, you can order products that are made for humans from online sex shops.

Is There a Sexual Side to Petplay?

As mentioned, you can approach petplay from a sexual angle, but it can also be non-sexual. Some people love it because it allows them to escape reality. Pet ownership enables both partners to detach themselves from their personalities and struggles. That’s why some view petplay as a highly spiritual practice. Regardless of the type of animal, the point here is to take on beastly characteristics and behave in a way that connects us with our animalistic nature.

But when it comes to sex, petplay can be innocent and gentle as well as rough, hard, and filthy.

If you simply want to get off, you don’t have to approach it from a spiritual perspective or put lots of effort into learning animal behavior. Just put a leash on your pet, fill their booty with an animal tail butt plug, and get some satisfaction! Like we’ve said, petplay always involves dominant and submissive roles, and you can explore them during sex. The animal is almost always submissive, while the pet owner is dominant. Of course, nothing will stop both partners from dressing up in leather horse bodysuits for an intense breeding session.

No Cruelty to Animals and Pets

As we’ve said, petplay has nothing do to with bestiality, which is often cruel and illegal. It is all about humans enacting their sexual fantasies and connecting to their primal nature, which is completely normal. Additionally, it follows the general BDSM pillars of sane, safe, and consensual activities. Some aspects of petplay can involve consensual non-consent, but that is a personal choice.

Still, you will need to practice appropriate pet care to avoid any risks. Primarily, some types of petplay require lots of stamina, endurance, strength, and dedication. Functional equipment is also essential.

As an example, cart ponies are specifically trained to operate pull-carts and transport their trainer. The pull-carts are custom made for the human body. While they fit correctly, using them requires training and strength. A ponygirl or ponyboy will need to be physically fit to pull their trainer and avoid any injury. Additionally, items like leashes, gags, and tight-fitting masks could pose a risk. To minimize the risk, it’s always important to buy quality products and study their instructions.

Since petplay is focused on the D/S relationship, a couple will need to have a clear understanding of their goals and boundaries. Doms must be aware of various safety precautions while using equipment or training their pet in various activities. This can be easily accomplished through open communication, a formal agreement, and experience in operating the available equipment.

It’s also important to know how and when to get back to the real world by practicing some aftercare techniques. That includes talking, cuddling, showing emotional support, etc.

How Pets and Masters Meet

So how can you meet someone who wants to share your petplay fantasy? Well, you can browse online communities and social media groups to find public or private events. There are various types of petplay events for singles and couples. That includes pony shows, pony races, dog shows, pup events, group training sessions, and more.

In events like puppy shows, you could try some races, obedience challenges, and obstacle courses. Many events will give out rewards for the best-performing puppy or other creature. Generally, these will be social events that are not at all sexual. However, depending on your location, you could find some fetish parties and nightclubs with organized events for petplay enthusiasts who are seeking new adventures.

It’s also worth noting that leashes have a special meaning at events. They signify that the wearer already has a master. Don’t assume that everyone will be available but also know that you’ll definitely be able to meet someone because the community is quite large.


So how would you approach petplay? Would you try it as a non-sexual activity and share your passion with others at public events? Or would you prefer to see your little pet kitty get down on all fours and wait for its long and hard training session?

Now that you’re familiar with petplay, you can grab some accessories and toys and try it for yourself! Have fun!