The Things That Puppy and Master Should Agree Upon Before Engaging in Pet Play

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Sure, puppy play can be one of the most adorable and even one of the sexiest kinks that you can try with a partner. But what are the dangers, and how can you enjoy your pet play the most? What are the most important things that puppy and master should agree upon before engaging in pet play? Check out the answers below!

The Master-Pet Contract

As with any BDSM kink and fetish, it’s necessary to set some ground rules before you try anything. Innocent puppy play is insanely hot, but you may not like it if your master throws you in a cage and forcibly penetrates your anus with your head stuffed inside a milk bowl!

BDSM is about consent and safety, and that’s why it’s crucial to create a detailed contract. Puppy play usually follows those rules too. It’s a conscious, consensual, and safe activity. And, it only works as long as both partners discuss their expectations, rules, limits, and desires. You can even establish non-consensual consent if it turns you on, but you will always have to discuss it.

In any case, don’t try anything before you make an agreement. It’s usually best to make a master-pet contract and formally write out the rules. That can include a statement on who owns who, the duration of the training sessions, specific safe words, and mutual goals. That way, a good agreement will emphasize what you can and can’t what you can do for one another. The rules may apply before, during, and after your session. But, you can also make a short-term contract that will be specific to each session.

Even if you completely trust your partner, it’s better to choose a written agreement over a verbal one. Polishing out the specifics will keep both of you motivated. It will also stop you from accidentally forgetting about a rule or two.


In BDSM relationships, agreements and rules between the dom and sub can make the experience much better. When it comes to sex, remember that not all puppy/master relationships revolve around it.

Sure, they can include kink scenes like bondage, worship, torture, and similar things without delving into penetrative sex. But, petplay can be completely asexual.

People can practice it outside of the bedroom. Some examples are wrestling or playing tug of war with your pet. In this case, it can focus on performance, dressing up, showing off your human puppy to others, and puppy socialization.

Still, if you want your roleplay to turn sexual, the possibilities are nearly endless. That’s because dog play emphasizes the power exchange. Most sexual acts that you try during puppy play will symbolize that. Generally, the human puppy will love to be in the submissive role because they want to experience dominance, discipline, and even punishment.

With that in mind, you should discuss sex early on in your pet-master agreement. Both roles can make a list of erotic acts that are encouraged or strictly prohibited. You can also agree on the use of and safe handling of sex toys and other equipment. That includes tail butt plugs, leashes, paw mitts, masks or muzzles, and even bondage tools. For anything that’s off-limits, simply include it in a Dos and Don’ts list in the contract.

Speaking of sex, what is a master supposed to do for their pet? If you’re the puppy, will you only act to please and satisfy your master, or do you want something in return? Also, an effective agreement can include clauses about the use of protection, making videos/photos, sex aftercare, desired behavior, etc.


Many petboys, petgirls, and dog owners simply love this fetish for its exhibitionist nature. It’s likely that your master could want to take you outside for a walk. Additionally, public events within the BDSM and puppy play communities are very popular.

When discussing exhibitionism, consider its sexual aspects. Will the role play involve public training and/or humiliation? What will the pup wear in public, and how long will they have to stay in character?

It’s not always possible to look and behave like a puppy in public, especially if you’re out dog walking at a crowded park. If you want to join petplay events, you should include as many rules as you can. So think about what’s going to happen when you see other masters and their pets during events.

What are the rules for grooming, accessories, and making friends with other puppies? Think about social play, loud noises, and what the partner needs to do to behave like a good puppy in public. Also, will the pup agree on competitions like petplay shows? Or do they prefer to leave their fetish in the bedroom? BDSM contracts for pets and masters will not be complete without answers to those questions.

Training and Pampering

Pet owners and masters aren’t only supposed to be strict and cruel. Dominants can spend a lot of time practicing for their roles. In many ways, their character is similar to a real dog trainer. That is, they have to know when to exhibit compassion, release anger, and offer emotional support. Both the master and the pet will have to learn their roles in great detail. That’s something that should be covered in the contract.

What’s more, a fail-safe agreement will also outline how the master will take care of the pet. For instance, you can list the kinds of acts and tasks that will unfold while training your dog. Set some rules regarding physical tasks like running and other agility training games. Also, include clauses for impulse control, obedience, good manners, hand signals, and pampering. Finally, don’t forget to list the rewards and punishments. This section should be as detailed as possible.

Consensual Play Is Fun

As we’ve said, petplay is all about consent. It’s not in any way related to harming animals. Couples can approach it from several perspectives. They can use it to meet their sexual or non-sexual needs. Whatever the case, the most-effective agreement should contain detailed information about consent.

Without it, the erotic act can end in abuse. You can outline the activities that the puppy will automatically consent to. Also, include prohibited play activities that the master will not be allowed to try. Additionally, if you haven’t yet made up your mind about an act, you can always mark it with “ask first” on your agreement. Last but not least, use safe words to note when it’s time to stop playing.

Key Takeaways

It should be easy to formulate an effective master and puppy agreement if you follow our advice. A contract will benefit both partners. It’s always best to use it before any kind of activity. Also, if you are having trouble with the structure of an agreement, you can use online templates to make your life easier. Have fun!