Tips on Shopping for Sex Toys

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Shopping for sex toys could be confusing especially with unlimited options that are presented to you when you visit a store. While some online stores allow you to filter the products by categories, it could still leave us undecided. We have prepared this article to help you learn the most recommended sex toys, while learning the most important aspects to consider when buying your adult toys.

Inside and outside double stimulation: This vibrator mimics male dildo, glans and vein is very realistic, bringing you an authentic experience. It has a strong dual motor, and outer with a rabbit-shaped vibrator, like a soft tongue general stimulation of the clitoris. Internal stimulates exactly the G-spot, bringing you numerous climax experiences. Both internal and external stimuli cannot control climax.

7 modes: 7 modes: This vibrator has 7 kinds of frequencies that you can switch to different modes. You can use it as a personal hobby, or mimic the actual sexual intercourse. You can first start with low frequency and then gradually accelerate, and finally switching it to super-stimulation to achieve orgasm. With this vibrator, you can also stimulate other sensitive areas, such as: chest and anus, etc.

Medical Silicone: This silicone vibrator is made of medical grade silicone, highly flexible, non-toxic and odorless, like human skin, very smooth and comfortable. And the silicone is 100% waterproof, even if a large amount of body fluid leaks out during use, it will not break and it’s especially easy to clean. It is safe and a practical intimate protection of your secret parts.

Low decibel shock: This toy uses ultra-low decibel vibration, low noise, that can give you a quieter private experience. You can also use it in your dorm or in your car. This feature can make sure you privacy is protected during use.

USB Charging Design: This Realistic Vibrator uses USB charging design, and can be used for a long time, bring you constant stimulation and can even be used for a massage. It’s completely safe to use, and pose no risk of electrocution. It can be charged on your PC, Power bank and AC adapter.

Product Description: 

This product is a new addition in the sex toy world and made from premium silicone, smooth, firm and non-porous. These vaginal and anal beads will bring you the pleasant internal stimulation. It’s easy to plug in or take this toy off because the little balls have a smooth outside and are joined together. The round beads in different sizes will bring you step by step pleasure. Anal sex toys are of high quality. If you like it, buy one!

Item Specifics:

  • Material: Silicone
  • Length: about 19cm (total), 15.5cm (insert able)
  • Diameter: about3cm (max), 1.8cm (min)
  • Weight: about 132g
  • Color: Black Package List

Important Notes:

  • Please clean before and after each use.
  • There is better effect when using it with lubricant.
  • Recommended to use only water-based lubricant. Silicone based lubricant will cause dissolution reaction.
  • Please allow the dimensional deviation.
  • Price: dollars 9.69
  • 100% silicone from Medical Grade, absolutely safe, hygienic and odorless.
  • 7 balls of 7 sizes: made for complete growth and progressive anal stimulation with easy insertion.
  • Ring for safe control easier to push, rotate and boost ensures full user safety
  • Ergonomic design: The simple and curvy design perfectly matches the inner wall of the anus and vagina.
  • Elastic and flexible to bend, not easy to break, or use shooting at different angles.
  • Silicone Anal Beads Butt Plug Silicone balls 7 balls with ring comparisons

If you are in a shop, then you can easily compare several products. You take the different models of certain manufacturers and then read their descriptions and check their prices. But a little bit different is an online purchase. There you have to make more effort, as there is a larger selection and the comparison may not be difficult. However, online shopping makes it more convenient, and it’s also discreet.

Silicone Anal Balls Buy Butt Plug Silicone Balls 7 Balls with Ring

There are so many test and comparison websites that you can also visit before you purchase. They then compare the current offers and prices of the respective models and thus offer you a better overview of which product is currently recommended. The models of different manufacturers are compared with each other, so you get a better overview and have a wide range.

Nowadays there are many different offers for the same product on the internet so to find out the original you should know what anal beads are. Thus, the search for a high-quality silicone anal beads butt plug balls of silicone 7 balls with ring can be quite fun. The need for a particular product plays a big role, as well as the amount of money you are willing to pay for the particular product. An acquaintance who has bought a similar product can help you choose. You can ask him certain questions that will help you get the product you are looking for.

Of course there is also the possibility to ask questions to the manufacturer himself, by simply contacting him by mail. If you have an answer to specific questions, then you can go to the next step. You have to decide whether you prefer to order on the Internet or shop in a store. There are of course advantages that speak for both variants, but the purchase on the Internet is recommended because of the large selection. Just be sure to only visit trusted retailers like loveplugs so that you can ensure that you will get quality products.

You can easily orient yourself to the price and make a better comparison. Furthermore, you have a picture for almost every product on the Internet. Most people choose a particular product based on the image they see. The visual aspect plays an important role when purchasing and should not be forgotten.

Silicone Anal Balls Butt Plug Silicone Balls 7 Balls with Ring – The competition for power.

Last but not least, you want to point out that there is a lot of competition in many industries today where different manufacturers are trying to sell their products as well as possible. That’s why you can fall into a trap very easily and quickly.

Silicone Anal Balls Butt Plug Silicone Balls 7 Balls with Ring – The goal of this competition is of course winning many new customers, but also keeping existing customers. Manufacturers do not only generate this through the price, because there are a great many people who also want to be impressed by the performance of the product. It is therefore targeted that the customer gets a real added value. However, this effect is only created if the buyers have the opportunity to see the best offers in comparison and only then to make a decision.

That’s why comparisons and tests are so important when buying. They offer the buyer a better overview of all the peculiarities that a specific product has to offer. This gives the buyer the feeling that he himself has certain knowledge in this area and thus makes his own decision. However, one should not forget the many customer reviews, which are usually the deciding factor in the purchase, as they introduce a new perspective in viewing the products.

Why a Sex Toy Would Be a Perfect Gift

Like in all relationships, giving presents and surprising one another is key to success. The thought of someone caring about you and your desires plays perfectly into the sex toy department. Gifting your partner a brand-new vibrator or massage oil on Valentine’s Day can prove to be that lucky spark that rekindles your relationship.

Of course, it’s not a bad idea to talk about sex toys before you buy them. Although it’s not recommended bringing it up a day before you actually get it. Plan carefully. You want it to be a surprise. You can mention them briefly in passing, don’t let your partner know what’s cooking.

For example, let’s say the two of you enjoy anal sex. That leads to the conclusion that you’d go for a rectal toy, like a butt plug. But don’t overestimate yourself! Be careful when planning a gift like that.

Start with some nice and new lube, then proceed to anal beads. Something smaller for the beginning of your sex toy adventures. After that, you can get a small ass plug and complete the butt play circle.

When thinking about sexy gift ideas, try to connect something that at first doesn’t come to mind and isn’t expected. Try to remember your partner’s favorite color, choose a design that mimics their taste, or just be creative. Look at editorially chosen products other people purchased. It’s not that hard when you put your desire and heart into it. 

Is It Better to Buy Sex Toys Online or From a Store Nearby?

Nowadays, you can buy everything through the internet and links to retailer sites pop-up all around us. As such, the sex shop world isn’t far behind, either. Even the store near you has a website of some sort that offers anonymous purchasing. We’re living in a digital age, and there’s no denying that.

Therefore, is it better to shop through your laptop or mobile phone, or to go to the store in person? Well, that’s a good question. Both have their pros and cons, as one would imagine.

So, let’s explore them for a while. We just might find the best solution for everyone interested in getting some adult toys.

Let’s say you’re not quite an open person, and you like to keep your innermost desires to yourself. Logically, you’d be shy when it comes to getting a massive dildo or a pussy/penis pump. It’s just not your thing going in all guns blazing and talking to the person at the counter. Hence, it’s only fair you’d like to order the damn device via the internet.

On the other hand, ordering online and not actually holding the product in your hands can be deceiving. Unless you’re an expert in sex toys, you might order a cock ring or chastity device that’s not your size. That means that going to the actual store has its benefits also. See and touch before you buy it, baby.

Are There Any Adult Video Games Available?

Sex is a basic component in all of our lives. And as such, it encompasses all mediums. Whether it’s TV, movies, music, or advertisement in general — it’s everywhere!

But is it well-represented in a world often perceived as directed to a younger and more infantile demographic? Well, that is a bit trickier.

Sexual content can be found everywhere, as we’ve already said. Therefore, playing Triple-A games such as Grand Theft Auto, you’ll come in contact with sex every so often. Even back in the day when the famous Vice City incarnation of the GTA series came, you could’ve had intercourse in a car if you picked up a prostitute.

But unlike these games that offered some sex scenes and intercourse mechanics, what about video games completely devoted to getting lucky? Well, there’s a ton of them out there. Some less interactive than others and with inferior graphics, but nonetheless made for pervs all around the world.

The virtual world is full of adult video games. They’re there to gives us an artificial experience of our weirdest desires and wishes. Therefore, don’t be surprised when you embark on a game mode of a famous classic, adjusted, modded, and changed to resemble a full-on porn feature.