Using Double Dildos wih Your Partner

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The double dildo is an incredibly unique sex toy that can be used for solo or mutual stimulation. Many dildo fans have never tried a double dildo because their size (18 inches or more!) tends to look a bit intimidating. However, that’s not the case at all. They’re incredibly flexible and can be used in various ways for earth-shattering orgasms! 

If you often fantasize about double penetration, pegging, or kinky solo play, this sex toy may be perfect for you! So what are some of the best ways to introduce the double dong into your sex life? Check out these tips on using these toys with your partner!

Double Dildo Design and Materials Used

Unlike regular dildos that have a sculpted head and a base, the double-ended dildo doesn’t have an end. That is, it is shaped like two penises connected to each other. That means you can use both sides of the dildo for internal stimulation. While many presume these toys are made only for lesbian sex, male-male or male-female partners can also have tons of fun with them. Moreover, aside from vaginal or anal penetration, double-sided dongs can also work wonders during foreplay for couples. 

So how are they made, and what are some of the materials used? Well, the majority of these sex toys are penis-shaped, but others may have a non-phallic form. Some can even include a vibrator or a strapon, or even a double strap. They are made of various materials, including rubber, jelly, silicone, glass, or plastic. Just like with any other sex toy, you should pay attention to these materials before buying. For couples looking to use this gadget simultaneously, it’s best to choose a dense material.

Aside from the materials, you and your partner should consider the length. As mentioned, some can even exceed 18 inches while the average double dildo size is around 10 to 12. When it comes to size, you should start with the one that is comfortable for both of you. The double dong should have the correct length to satisfy both partners. However, if the toy is too big, you may not be able to grind or trib while using it. 

Silicone Variants Are the Best for Beginners

In general, beginners should always try out a silicone toy first. The main reason here is that silicone is easy to maintain, and it lasts for a long time. It’s also not a porous material, which means it does not absorb bacteria, dust, or mold.

That means that you’ll be able to clean the toy without worrying about your health. Plus, these types of toys are phthalate-free and much safer for the skin. Another reason why silicone is the perfect material for double dildos is that it is highly flexible. It is not as hard as others like glass, meaning that couples can try it for single or double penetration. 

This material is also very smooth and heats up quickly during penetration. Due to its sleekness, a flexible double-ended dildo also requires less lubricant. However, while the material is very easy to clean, don’t forget to use condoms. That is especially important if you’re using the double dong for mutual penetration. Also, the material works best with water-based lube. 

Using Double Dildos to Simulate Double Penetration From a Threesome

Overall, couples can play with a double dong in a variety of ways. The most common is simultaneous penetration. That includes vaginal to vaginal, vaginal to anal, or anal to anal penetration. When inserted, both partners can push, pull, or tug to gain pleasure. However, both of you should be patient at first and find the best movements that suit you. It’s also possible to bend the toy. Then, you may use both ends to penetrate the vagina or the backdoor. However, another highly exciting use of a double dildo is for double penetration. 

Since the toy has two heads, you can use both to penetrate your partner’s holes. Women can insert the dildo in their vagina and anus simultaneously. That can simulate the experience of having a threesome. It’s especially useful if you have never attempted a threesome before. Plus, if you’re not into the idea of having sex with multiple partners, you can still have a similar experience with a double-header. 

Ultimately, the sensation will be quite unique and it will be tricky to replicate with other toys. Moreover, you’ll be able to choose the length of each end that will penetrate you, which is a big plus. Of course, it’s possible to use the toy for one hole only. You can take on its enormous size to see just how much of it you’ll be able to handle. Then, you’ll be able to leave the other hole free for your partner’s cock and enjoy an unforgettable threesome-like experience! Pro tip: Bring your double dildo with you, and use it in public places for added pleasure. Imagine getting on the plane with a sex toy, that would be extremely thrilling, isn’t?

For Foreplay and Teasing of Vagina and Anus (Before Penetration)

Double dildos are also quite exciting during foreplay for couples. If you choose a silicone toy, you’ll be able to use it externally on the anus or vagina. There’s literally no limit to what you can do here! It can start from mild teasing to highly kinky ideas. 


You can use one or both heads of the dong to tease your partner’s vagina and anus. For example, start by simply caressing the sensitive areas around your partner’s genitals. Try to combine this with some massage or light oral sex to reach new levels of arousal. After that, you can move on to direct stimulation and slide the double dildo in. That will drive your partner crazy! You can also tease your partner’s penis with the double dong, or tease yourself while performing oral sex on them. And if you’re into BDSM, this type of toy will work wonders during submission and dominance.  

Double the Dildo, Double the Fun!

Overall, double dildos are some of the hottest and naughtiest sex toys for couples! Now that we’ve tickled your imagination on what you could do with these spectacular toys check one out today and have fun!