What Tail Should I Wear? The Best Tail Plugs for Animal Roleplay

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What is animal play, and why is acting as a pet exciting during sex? If you’ve never tried it, this article will reveal what’s so hot about this kinky fetish and how it can give you endless waves of naughty pleasure.

We’ll also discuss the most popular toy for petplay: animal tail buttplugs! What tail should you wear during your furry adventures on all fours? Here’s our breakdown!

A Little Background on Animal Roleplay

If you’re confused about what happens during animal roleplay, this wild fetish is actually pretty simple. Many people practice it with varying intensities during BDSM kinks, regular sex, or even non-sexual activities. The goal is to play around (with consent) and take on the characteristics of an animal while being naughty yet obedient. That can involve purring, barking, meowing, or simply acting like a good little horsie.

Generally, animal roleplay is hot because you get to experiment with dominant and submissive roles. If you want to become a kitty, puppy, or even a cute, innocent bunny, your partner gets to dominate you by being the owner or trainer.

It’s possible to try animal roleplay during tons of sexual activities. That includes bondage, rough sex, anal training, body worship, and just about anything that gets you off. Also, it’s infinitely fun because it allows you to escape daily life and explore your primal nature. Talk about fucking like animals! But, let’s take a step back and explain how the animals are the stars of the fetish and how the different kinds of tail plugs are perfect for this type of roleplay.

The Star of the Show

Fans of animal roleplay can invest a lot into their looks and related accessories or sex toys. After all, the pet is the star of the relationship. Their master/trainer can dress them up in order to show them off, discipline them, or make the roleplay more realistic.

For example, with kitty play, a human pet can wear a cat mask with ears. You can proudly boast some paw gloves, cat eye contact lenses, a bow tie, and even a shiny milk bowl. For this particular example, latex or leopard print costumes or bodysuits are also a good idea.

What’s more, in some fetishes, like pony play, people will go to great lengths to put the spotlight on their horsie. Human ponies can use elaborate horse masks, hoof gloves/boots, as well as riding tack. That includes a saddle, bridle, reins, etc. Some masters/mistresses also like to train and dress their human pets as realistically as possible for public exhibitions and performances. That includes pony races, dog shows, and similar.

However, even if you want to keep things private, your roleplay will be much more realistic if the pet looks and acts as beastly as possible. At first, beginners shouldn’t worry about spending a fortune on petplay gear. You can have an awesome experience with just a couple of toys and accessories.

What That Special Role Needs

The costumes used in animal roleplay are typically made of latex, PVC, or leather. BDSM gear like floggers, leashes, ball gags, chains, and collars also fits. All of those items are ideal for pet training. But, the most common accessory that any newbie can try is an animal tail butt plug.

Animals portrayed in roleplay usually have tails with a butt plug attached on the other end. You can find models that resemble different animals like foxes, wolves, cats, dogs, rabbits, etc.

Typically, the toy has a standard steel or silicone plug, and the tail is made with faux or real fur. Moreover, some puppy or cat tails are small and adorable.

In any case, animal tail plugs are highly recommended for any submissive pet. They can give you a tail to play with during your session. Your master can also pull on it during penetration. Moreover, petplay is pretty much synonymous with butt stuff, so anal plugs are the definitely the first toy you should invest in.

They are great for anal training, teasing, and lots more. Pet owners use them to dominate their partner and experiment with tons of sexual acts. For instance, women love them because they enable double penetration and can result in some beastly orgasms. Dominant partners also enjoy them because they can symbolize ownership and their pet’s devotion to their master.

What the Different Kinds of Tail Plugs Represent

Like we’ve said, the only thing that sets a tail plug apart from a regular one is the actual tail. But, it makes all the difference. It looks insanely inappropriate (in a good way!), and it can truly put the spotlight on you as a human pet.

As with all sex toys, furry tail plugs use body-safe and hypoallergenic materials. Before you buy one, think about investing a bit more. High-quality tails with real fur will feel much better and will be easier to clean. Overall, they are 15 inches long, but you can find some tails that extend up to 40 inches. Additionally, the tails are removable in order to facilitate cleaning.

As mentioned, the actual plugs are made of stainless steel and silicone. The tails, however, are available in various colors and patterns.

For instance, fox tail plugs will be fluffy. They’ll have a reddish/brown shade. Wolf types are also quite furry and are the best for prey/hunter games. They have a sharper tip that works wonders for teasing or tickling your back or other areas during your “mating” session.

Moreover, kitty, puppy, or even pig tail plugs are smaller, and they’re made of silicone. They will make any pet look innocent and ready for training and some discipline. Also, fluffy bunny tails are small, round, and simply adorable.

All of those variants are just the tip of the iceberg. You can find all sorts of types that fit your needs and your roleplaying activities the most. For instance, if you’re into cosplay and anime, use neon-colored fur tails or even rainbow unicorn plugs.

Final Thoughts

As you’ve seen, tail plugs are massively versatile, and they will be a perfect fit for your first petplay session. If you love sexy and naughty anal games, definitely consider one. Simply choose one based on the animal that you like the most, its behaviors/characteristics, as well as other accessories (e.g., leashes) that turn you and your partner on the most. So grab a tail plug today and have fun!