Why fox tails are the best plugs for your pet play?

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Pet play is not everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s okay

But, once you see fox tails in action, you might join this kinky bandwagon instantly. Fox tails could easily be the most interesting butt plugs, whereas they are certainly the furriest! Whether you’re specifically looking for fox tails for pet play or are simply being curious, you’ve come to the right place.


If you’re into role-play, more precisely pet play, then you must’ve encountered fox tails of all shapes and forms. Like other pet play toys, these bad boys look very realistic and offer a unique pet experience that will bring your bedroom game to a whole new level. 

Fox Tails Look Realistic

A lot of people love to wear fox tails due to the fact they look so real and natural. If you’ve seen your significant other wearing one, then you definitely know what I’m talking about! 


One of the biggest pros of using fox tails is that it makes fantasy a reality! Simple butt plugs will get the job done if you’re only searching for the sensation of butt plugs, but fox tails combine the perfect anal stimulation with your kinky wet dreams coming true, so orgasms are guaranteed. 

And the look of it all! Most fox tails come from animal fur, so touching your partner’s/pet’s tail will feel beyond real! Petting will never be so fluffy and comfortable as it is with a good fox tail plug.


They Are Easy to Wear

Most fox tails aren’t that big, so wearing them won’t make you uncomfortable, even if your anal play is not set to easy mode. Besides being easy to wear, fox tails are also easy to slip in. It takes just a few seconds to do it. 


If you use fox tails for pet play, then you understand the sensation this toy brings very well. If you’re new to the world of fox tail plugs, there is absolutely no need to worry. Fox tails are simple and safe to use. Plus you can effortlessly take them off anytime you wish to. 


Whether it’s you or your partner that’s in control, fox tails can easily be switched for a better dynamic during intercourse. Also, here’s a pro tip: fox tails look absolutely awesome in your private collection pictures! 


Some fox tails come with a remote control. These guys are clearly vibrating fox tails, and they are something special indeed! The looks are the same as with the regular fox tail plugs, but the ones with the remote control are just perfect if you’re a sub. 

Fox Tails Do Not Give Itchy Feeling

As I said, fox tails are mostly made of real animal fur, so the irritation level is practically none to minimal. Unlike synthetic hairs, real hair is more pleasant to the skin. That is, it’s not itchy and it doesn’t feel weird. 


Real-fur fox tails can feel unusual, though, precisely because of that realistic feeling. With your eyes closed, you can’t even be sure if you’re touching your partner or an animal. However, though it might take some time to get used to it, your fox tail won’t hurt, and it won’t give you itchiness. 


Girls who are into makeup, for example, will confirm that brushes made of natural hair are much better for the skin on your face than synthetic ones. They’re more healthy, pleasant, and surely last longer! You can definitely find fox tail plugs made of synthetic hair on the market as well. If you want to be sure, you can buy both and compare them. 

Fox Tails Are Easy to Clean

Just like other anal plugs, fox tails are super easy to clean. One of the biggest pros of fox tails is that, even though they look majestic, they are low maintenance. 


Warm water and soap go a long way to keep your fox tail clean, though be careful with the fur and water combo. Antibacterial gels can get the job done, too. Just make sure you’re always thorough. Afterward, just store your fox tail safely to protect it from dust and dirt in general. 

Fox Tails Are Available Online

If you don’t feel comfortable going to your local sex shop or you can’t find what you’re looking for there, fox tails are always available for purchase online. For me, an online purchase is actually preferable to going to a physical store because I can read other people’s experiences and easily compare models and prices. 


The choice is really vast. Some fox tails come with a pair of ears, some are longer, others are thicker, etc. Once you opt for your color of choice and other important features, you can effortlessly find any model you need online. Incognito mode or not, fox tails are out there simply waiting to be bought!