Kink Event Dress Up Guide

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What are kink events, and what should you know before joining one? What’s the dress code like, and what can you wear to bring out your submissive or dominant qualities? From schoolgirl outfits to leather dominatrix costumes and human pony suits, we’ll tell you all you need to know in this kink event dress up guide!

What Is a Kink Event?

Kink events or play parties are social gatherings organized by members of the BDSM community and fetish fans. There are several types of BDSM events, and they’ll typically contain lots of etiquette and rules to learn. This is why you should read up the rules as well as the dress code for BDSM attire beforehand.

For the most part, kink events are membership-based. You’ll have to join an “intro night” before you become a member. Some BDSM clubs require you to arrive as a guest of another member. Generally, the events are organized privately. However, they can also take place in dungeon clubs with larger numbers of guests along with dungeon monitors.

So what could happen during your first BDSM party? Well, the event provides you with several areas for socializing, changing into fetish wear, and a playroom for all sorts of kinky activities. The goal is to get you connected with other kinksters and offer you a place where you can thrive in your natural habitat. You’ll usually see a lot of canes, restraints, whips, BDSM furniture, and other accessories. Oh, and prepare to see heaps of oversized and unconventional sex toys!

However, the parties can be so overwhelming and psychologically satisfying that when they end, people can experience a dom or sub drop, which is something you’ll need to be aware of.

What Are the Rules?

Firstly, all BDSM events have specific rules that allow the party to remain sane, safe, and consensual. Because we’re dealing with lots of people, one or more party monitors could be in charge. If you break some rules, they could put you on a “Do Not Invite” list.

Overall, the parties can include nudity, role play, sex, cropping, caning, cupping, etc. Some can allow needle play, fire play, play piercing, anal training, torture, and more. The rules for all of those activities could be different. Some events could even prohibit sex. Others might have strict regulations on safe sex, and they may prohibit activities that draw blood.

What’s more, most kink parties welcome voyeurs. This means you don’t necessarily need to participate in the games. You can simply watch or even hang out in a separate play space for socializing and chat with other kinksters. This also makes kink events ideal for first dates because you can openly share your interests with someone new.

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Before attending, also pay attention to the dress code and the theme. Some have broad rules on wearing only PVC, leather, latex, fur, etc. Others can include formal wear like tuxedos and gowns. Plus, you’ll also encounter some guidelines about alcohol or drugs, and some parties could prohibit them altogether.

What to Wear?

So what should you wear? Some events that are more specific could require schoolgirl outfits, uniforms, full latex costumes, pony or other pet play kink wear. The simplest way to decide is to look for the theme.

If it’s a “Back to School” event, simply find a hot schoolgirl uniform or prom king outfit. You can also be the lonely goth kid or a sexy and dominant teacher! Theme parties are quite fun because you don’t need to get a lot of accessories and fetish wear. That is, you can make a simple yet equally suggestive or kinky outfit with your own wardrobe. Even if it’s something challenging like “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Dirty Secrets,” you can quickly fashion a brooding Professor Snape costume or similar if you’re creative.

Fetish Wear

When it comes to fetish wear, this is a broad term. It includes a lot of clothing items plus accessories. For example, it can include corsets, mesh skirts, leather pants or leggings, pantyhose, etc. However, fetish wear is also about latex bodysuits, PVC cat costumes, black or red latex hoods, gas masks, collars, and so on.

For kink wear, it’s best to learn the “pink parts” rules of the event. Those rules will let you know whether or not you can openly show off your pink pussy or hard cock or if you have to keep it concealed. If you’re still clueless, just think about wearing red or black. Those are pretty much the official BDSM colors. Yet, if the event has a pet play theme, you will need a suitable costume (kitty, pup, pony) and other accessories like a tail butt plug.

Moreover, you don’t have to stock up on BDSM wear if your budget doesn’t allow it. You can make do with what you’ve already got in your wardrobe. If the dress code is strict, you can buy a few effective items like leather tights, black heels, or an eye mask. An eye mask is also a good idea if you don’t want to expose your full face.

Tips When Attending Kink Events

It may be easier if you go with a friend because they’ll connect you to the other participants and make you feel comfortable. Additionally, note that your first kink party will be a bit strange because you’ll have to get used to it. So the best tip is to attend as many events as you can to see which ones you like the most.

Most importantly, get a good night’s sleep beforehand. If you’re aiming to participate in lots of sex and extreme activities, expect to have sore feet, a tired back, and maybe even some injuries. As mentioned, watch out for the “con drop” that comes after the intense high you could get during the event. On the other hand, if the event is only social or educational (e.g., Kinky Kollege), try to be as friendly as possible and prepare to meet some like-minded perverts! Finally, keep an open mind and be tolerant, respectful, and courteous.

Get Your Freak On!

Now you can safely attend a kink event with a hot outfit that will turn heads! So grab a schoolgirl costume, an evil Dracula suit, or another outfit that tickles your imagination and enjoy yourself!