Kitten Play for Beginners

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How to Start Your Kitten Play Kink

You must have experienced those days when you return from work feeling fed up. All you want to do is cuddle up to someone soft who will pet you and keep good care of you. That impulse is the first step to your kitten play. You start from there and see with your partner where it takes you.

Does Kitten Play Involve Sex?

KItten play falls into the category of pet play, which is a form of roleplay couples do. It is, in its core, a BDSM relationship. However, for many, this term evokes more violent sexual themes. Though pet play can involve more extreme aspects of BDSM, the crucial element is the dynamics couples take over.

One partner takes on the subservient role of a pet, in this case, a kitten. Conversely, the dominant partner becomes the owner. Commonly these personas are well defined, but some couples like to shift the dynamics. How far you go with practicing the elements of fantasy all comes down to what you and your partner feel comfortable with.

Like with many fetishes, the end game doesn’t have to be sex. The goal of kitten play is to develop a deeper and more intimate relationship. A sub gets to be carefree and playful, while the Dom gets to take care of and instruct a creature who adores them. If role play sex happens, it’s optional, but not obligatory.

Dressing Up and the Use of Accessories

There is a huge array of accessories and costume pieces for kitten play, and they all come in various styles and colors. You can let yourself get spoiled for choice. Whether you take on a cutesy pink hello-kitty vibe or more eroticized leather and latex elements, it’s up to you. Just choose what feels comfortable and pleasing for you and start from there.

One of the more common parts of kitty play is wearing cat ears. You might stumble upon a clip-on set, but people usually wear them as a headband. They can be fluffy, pointy, fur-covered, or metal even. Simply take the ones that feel like they represent your inner cat persona.

Chockers or collars are also a more prominent element of pet play in general, as they represent submission and ownership. They can be festive with dangling bells, bowties, and ruffled lace. On the other hand, you can find them in a BDSM style — leather with spikes and metal. It all depends on your play style.

Some collars come with a locket, and then it’s up to your master when they will put it on or off. Additionally, you can pair your collar with a leash, for a more commandeering pet play.

And how can you be a cat without a fluffy tail?! Kittens can get tails attached to their panties. Though, people who are into anal play will definitely enjoy a cat tail plug, i.e., a butt plug with a tail. Along with this accessory, you can buy gloves and socks that mimic kitty-paws with cute rosy cushions. You can use them to knead your master’s belly before you lie on it.

Kitten Play

There are no specific rules. You try to connect with your spirit kitty and try to channel it. Likewise, if you are a master, you try to take care of your partner as a cat. Put on accessories and practice behavior. If you feel that clicks with you, it will bring enjoyment.

If you decide to be a fat lazy house cat, you can simply snuggle next to your master and purr in delight. Maybe you’ll take on a more playful persona that meows in joy and happily drinks milk from a bowl. Furthermore, if you have the potential, you can become a bratty, untamed pet ready to knock vases and use their claws. But in this case, be ready for your master to reprimand you.

In this fetish, people tend to channel home cats when roleplaying. However, if you’re feeling intrigued by the idea, you might try connecting with feral cats, and awaken the tiger or jaguar lurking within you.

How to Tell Your Partner About Your Kitten Status

Nobody wakes up and declares kitten status in full-on “kawai nekko” costume. These things come gradually. You must have had, at least fascination with cats, and then feline behavior. Perhaps you liked to meow, hiss, or cuddle up and purr with a loved one. The first thing you and your partner need to do is acknowledge it.

Your partner has probably been aware of your catty manners, so it might not be weird to introduce an accessory. If you like to purr and be caressed, then wearing fluffy ears and a collar is not that big of a stretch. From there, you can discover where the fantasy takes you.

If you are into anal sex, then a cat tail plug is not such a strange idea. You might have been wearing fluffy clothes, so a set of paws comes next naturally. Some things will click, some things will take getting used to, while others will simply be a no-no. The important thing is that you and your partner express your feelings and desires, and also learn how to listen to each other.

A couple may use kitten play to discover a deep SM relationship, in which the owner dominates the pet. On the other hand, partners can end up just cuddling and taking care of each other if that is too extreme. If sex becomes the end game, that’s also ok, but its core, kitten play is all about intimacy.

Kitten Play Can Be Subtle to Extreme

A couple may use kitten play to explore and develop their relationship. Depending on what you and your partner want, it can take various forms. It’s perfectly ok if you just end purring with fluffy ears calling each other pet names and leaving it. Nevertheless, your roleplaying can develop into full-on rituals.

As a kitten, you might indulge in a lavished costume which emphasizes your cat persona. You can become an adorable Persian cat with pink accessories, or you can become an elegant black cat in lace. Accordingly, your owner can simply play with you or take a more hands-on approach to their duties.

The master can feed their pet or take them to walks. Also, they can have playtime with their favorite toys — tut it doesn’t stop there. If the couple has such proclivities, the roleplay can grow into a full-on BDSM practice.

The owner might reprimand and even spank their pet. More hardcore practitioners may use whips and canes. Furthermore, the Dom might want to choke their pet and be aggressive with their leash. And finally, the Dom might lock their sub into a special pet-cage should they chose so.

All of this is gratifying in itself and doesn’t need to lead to sex. The dynamics might get sexual, but it is an option, not a goal. In the end, kitten play is a journey of intimacy. If you discover other things along the way, well, that’s why it’s fun.