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When Ben Millstone, founder of Baker Team Records, learned about his pet play fetish, he was confused about whether he was going insane or if there was a medical explanation on his condition. He did what other teenagers would do–search the internet. He then came across a forum where it clearly described what he was going through.

After a few months of being active in the forum, he got along a few people who became his friends that later on helped him build this website. Jesse Levey, Aysha Dalby, and Jamaal Herman contribute to the website’s regular content. They recognize the lack of information regarding the fetish, so they aim to produce high-quality guides, articles, and an effective feedback process to those who find themselves in the same situation.

Pet play is fun and exciting. It is a fusion of your inner child and your playful animal side. We will guide you with the latest trends in pet play fantasies including what accessories to wear, where to meet fellow pet play enthusiasts and other essentials that can help you fully enjoy the experience.

Baker Team Records welcomes you and we hope that we hear from you soon!