Using Double Dildos wih Your Partner

Do anal hooks hurt or painful? Are you looking for other alternatives for assured orgasm? Then you are in the right place. As much fun as a dildo may bring, the sex toy usually remains a pretty one-sided experience. If you want to share the experience of penetration with your partner, try using a double dildo.

The double dildo is not a sex toy for everyone. It is suitable for couples who even want to share penetration, the most intimate erotic experience. Not only can you introduce the double dildo, at the same time it is also possible to stimulate your partner with this toy.

The double dildo: How to use the sex toy

A double dildo is made of skin-friendly silicone and is usually slightly flexible. He distinguishes himself from the normal execution by his two “heads”. Each one of them can be inserted into a body orifice. Thus, the double dildo is vaginal or anal applicable. However, you should stay with an opening and always disinfect the sex toys well. Some variants of the double dildo have two differently pronounced ends. A thicker, which uses the woman vaginal and an elongated, narrow, which introduces the man anal. When using the toys, always pay attention to sufficient lubrication, otherwise you risk injury when experimenting with the dildo.

Challenge double dildo: Possible problem situations

The best way to use a double dildo is of two women who introduce their vaginal ends. So they can stay in romantic love contact with the double dildo in romantic eye contact. For dividing the toy between a man and a woman, on the other hand, you first have to carefully work out a correct position. Here is a flexible double dildo, which offers you the greatest possible freedom of movement.

You can then determine the exact position individually. Keep in mind that the sex toy reaches G-spot or prostate well and does not slip out – something that can happen especially when using lots of lube. After overcoming the initial difficulties, when you have found a position in which you both perfectly stimulates the toy, but with a double dildo long-lasting fun for both partners is guaranteed.

Anal toys for beginners and advanced

Whether beginner or advanced, there is the right anal toy for everyone. The anal toys are a very special sensitive topic, because the butt is a very sensitive area. If you do not have much experience, then the very small dildos are ideal, or finger dildos. These can only be passed over via your fingers and then you can gain your first experience yourself or have your partner grant you. There are many very small anal dildos or anal plugs. If you have some experience you can go to the plugs and vibrators. The anal plugs have a wide plate below, so they look like a stopper. They are there to be worn over a longer period of time and they do not slip. In the beginning you should definitely choose a very small dildo. Then, if you notice it like you can still grab a larger model. Very important is not only prior but in general the use of lubricants. Only then can you play supple with a Anal toy. The lubricant can be used very generously.

The best Anal toys for experienced

If you have already gained some experience, then you can have fun with some sex toys. In general, it is said that plugs are more advanced. The anal plugs are worn over a longer period of time and they naturally stretch the rectum. There are anal plugs in different sizes and materials. At the beginning, something soft is pleasant, if you already have experience, then a plug made of steel is very pleasant to wear it anal. The hard and smooth material is rather cool and that can be very exciting. Also very exciting are analgesics. These look similar to love balls, but they are anal-supported and the balls are connected by a strong but flexible chain. You can bend the anal chain and play with it to your heart’s content.

Anal toys for couples

Of course you can use almost every anal toy in sex with his partner together but there are also special toys to use them together anal. This can also be used vaginally, it does not matter how you introduce and use it and the imagination knows no bounds. Visit for more info.

Special plugs for an anal stretching

There are men as well as women who like to perform an anal stretching. An anal stretching cannot be done overnight, but you stretch your anus from time to time more. How to perform a rectal stretch at its best and valuable tips on anal stretching can be found here. We want to see which anal plugs are best suited for this. Many wonder if a dildo is not as good for it. Unfortunately that is not possible. Especially an anal plug is the right toy to test its limits.

If you want to stretch the anus more and more, then you have to practice and that over a longer period of time. You have to wear the butt plug longer and a dildo would just slip out again and again. An anal plug, however, is stuck and does not slip. With him you can move normally and wear it in everyday life.

The butt plug is available in different sizes, colors and materials. Especially if you like it more extreme, it is important to feel good. Therefore, man should test a few copies to then decide which toy you like the most. Some like rubber plugs, others prefer steel plugs.

That should be considered in anal games

As already mentioned, it is very important to use lube. Without lubricant you cannot stimulate anal. The anus is not naturally wet; you have to help as well. Always start with a very small diameter at the beginning. It is very important, because the butt has a lot of nerve endings and it can become unpleasant otherwise. Hygienic is when you do an anal shower or rinse before use. So the toy is not so dirty and it is more pleasant. The rectum is more clinically impure and therefore full of bacteria. Therefore, always disinfect the anal toy well after use.

Level Up Your Sexual Pleasure with Butt Plugs

Anal sex is a pleasure that not everyone decides. However, if interest has appeared, but decisiveness is still not enough, you can try out special toys for a start. One of the most simple and popular among them is butt plug.

Butt plug is a sex toy that has a small depth and width. In shape, it resembles a cone, greatly expanded at the base. This configuration provides the most pleasant and painless introduction and, at the same time, does not allow the cork to fall inside.

Today the range of anal plugs is very wide. They may differ slightly in shape, design and decoration, they are decorated with rhinestones and even gold, and the corks themselves come in all different sizes, which must be selected individually.

Features of the choice of anal plugs for experienced users and beginners

The first thing that new buyers need to know: butt plugs, if they are properly picked up and used, can in no way harm the body. Moreover, they are rarely used as an anal simulator.

If anal sex is still a forbidden fruit for you, but you want to start with something you want, and then you should choose a small cork and put a lubricant on it before use. The best material for beginners is silicone – it is the most flexible, hypoallergenic and does not cause irritation to delicate skin. This model will be an excellent choice for those who are in search of new bright sensations, but at the same time, afraid to make a mistake.

For experienced users there is no limit. They can choose any butt plug and not miscalculate with the purchase. The range of materials and sizes of products is very large, in addition, butt plugs can be with vibration, the strength and intensity of which is regulated using a special remote control. Some models are controlled through a special application for the phone.

Some temperature playing heating and chilling butt plug have anus expansion function. They are increased by using a special pear, which pumps the cork with air to the desired size. As for the forms of anal plugs, they are also different: classic smooth, ribbed, curved and twisted. All this stimulates the nerve endings located on the anal walls and gives a completely new, unusual sensations.

If you want to experience pleasant and unforgettable emotions, you should follow the simple rules of using the product for adults. You will be able to experience the peak of anal pleasure and avoid unpleasant surprises by following simple tips.

Always use grease.

The anus cannot secrete natural lubricant; therefore a lubricant should be used for comfortable use of the anal plug. Despite the fact that physiologically the rear opening is not intended for the introduction of foreign objects into it with the help of artificial lubricant, you can experience the beauty of anal orgasm without unpleasant sensations. You should treat the entire surface of the sex toy with a lubricant, so that the input and output of the toy for the anus will be pleasant and painless. The artificial lubricant will prevent all possible unpleasant sensations and micro traumas that can be caused by the inept use of a delicate object.

Remember, above all care

During anal caresses, remember, the anus is not intended to introduce any objects, so be careful. It is important to begin to caress smoothly and gradually, avoiding sudden movements and accelerations. We recommend that beginners enter the anal toy first by a couple of centimeters and allow the anus to push it out independently, increasing the amplitude of movements each time. Thus, you will give your body to get used to new sensations and present new emotions without unpleasant sensations.

In what position should use anal plugs

Fans of anal caresses use toys in different poses, but beginners should be more careful in experiments. The following poses are most comfortable for such games:

  • On knees;
  • squatting;
  • Lying on your back with legs apart (experts recommend putting a pillow under your back).

Butt plugs – caress without limits

Butt plug is almost universal toys that can give you pleasure at any time. Due to the compactness of this product for adults, you are this product for adults without any restrictions: in the shower, in bed, walking along the street, doing household chores, etc. The device is great as a simulator before anal sex and for this woman should use it as often as possible.

Hygiene is key

Hygiene is a guarantee of health, so follow the purity of your adult toy. Always be sure to clean it after use, and better disinfect. We recommend using condoms during anal caresses. Take care of your health and enjoy new experiments in sex.

Training will prepare and greatly facilitate the first steps!

The perfect butt plug can serve as an excellent simulator for anyone who has decided to try anal. After a little training with this thing, almost any contact with the anus will be perceived easily, without the least inconvenience and discomfort. By purchasing such a product, you can, with his help, painlessly prepare yourself for more serious loads, and this will help the newcomer avoid unpleasant moments with the first experience of anal sex. In addition, it is the butt plug that will make it possible to get used to the idea of ??the possibility of an unusual sexual experience in the future, which is quite important for everyone whom this topic makes it unnecessary to worry. refer to this link for more details.

What are anal plugs?

Most anal plugs do not differ much in form and functionality from each other. However, some models have a special tail that serves to quickly and without any problems remove the product at any time. In this case, the cork is easily removed from the anus with one confident movement – which is very convenient in any situation. Large-sized butt plugs available on the market have their advantages, but you need to be very careful with them. Such a thing is somewhat harder to extract, so they cannot be recommended to beginners without prior preparation.

All materials from which objects are made in contact with intimate places on the human body should be easily cleaned, while not causing allergic reactions and not absorb extraneous odors. A good choice could be a butt plug made of metal or a stopper made of latex. Some connoisseurs prefer made of glass, but in this case, you need to pay special attention to the quality of the material – you do not want to lose your favorite thing, breaking it by negligence.

How to Stimulate your G-Spot with Prostate Massage

Immerse yourself in the world of special stimulation and discover a new form of orgasm! With a prostate massage, you can expand your sexual horizons and pamper yourself properly or let them indulge in a shared love game. The topic is still foreign to many men, but why should one miss this enjoyment? So take your time, relax and check the guide to external prostate massage.

The prostate – what is it?

The prostate is the so-called prostate gland. It is one of the accessory sexual glands, which means that it is formed along the genital tract and exists in addition to the actual sexual glands. The prostate is reserved for men and serves to produce a secretion, which is added to the sperm. This secretion ensures that the sperm in the vagina have a chance of survival. Those looking for the prostate will find it below the urinary bladder where it covers the beginning of the urethra. And anyone who wants to stimulate them directly can do so via the rectum.

Forms of prostate massage

Prostate massage is not just for sexual reasons. The prostate stimulation is also used in medical treatment especially if there is a suspicion of chronic prostatitis. The goal is to detect bacteria in the urine. But we want to deal with the prostate massage as a sexual practice, which drives you into new unsuspected sexual spheres. You want to experience a climax that is comparable to the female orgasm? Then you achieve this by stimulating your prostate. Maybe you have already made a journey of discovery in the area between testicles and anus. About the so-called dam you can indirectly massage and stimulate your prostate. However, it becomes more intense with a direct stimulation of the prostate. You can penetrate with your fingers or a sex toy in the anus.

Finally it starts with the exciting massage. But stop! Not quite so fast. As with every massage there are important things to prepare. In the first place of course is the hygiene. Because who moves in the area of ??the anus, should be clean. This is completely fix with lukewarm water and a ph-neutral soap. Also important is a defecated intestine. If you want to play it safe, you can do a bowel purge. There are helpful hints for this.

Booty call anal shower

The fingers and the sex toys must not come into the genital area after contact with the anal area. This is the only way to prevent intestinal bacteria from invading this area and causing infections. But now to the pleasant part of the prostate massage. Lubricant is a good companion in many sex practices and should also be used in prostate stimulation. The range of lubricants is immense and has something for every taste. Especially for anal use, the anal lubricant or the Anal Silicone Glide Lubricant is recommended.

In our Gleitgel Guide we explain everything you need to know about this topic. The lubricant facilitates penetration into the anus. In addition, it is extremely important that you relax. It does not matter if you massage yourself or have a massage. Before penetration, the area around the rosette can be gently caressed and massaged with lubricant. This relaxes the muscles in this sensitive area. That should not happen by force. Here one may, in the truest sense of the word, carefully approach and gently penetrate.

The Indirect Prostate Massage

It can be quite a nice addition if the prostate is additionally massaged indirectly in addition to the stimulation of the penis or testis. You can find the prostate directly between scrotum and anus. This area is called dam (perineum). In order to reach it well, you lie down on your back and relax. Now you are scratching the spot with one or more fingers and apply a slight pressure. It can also be very exciting to use a small vibrator, because the vibration has a very stimulating effect on the area. Of course, this task can also be assumed by the partner. There are no limits to creativity in lovemaking. Good is what they like.

The Perineum Massager is anatomically shaped and reminds of a dolphin with its curved tip. And like a dolphin, this perineum vibrator feels good in the water too. You can take him under the shower and in the tub and experience sparkling moments. Introduce the perineum massager anal and find out which waves of pleasure he can give you.

The Direct Prostate Massage: With your finger

If you have prepared well for the prostate stimulation, then it can finally start. The prostate is about five to seven inches in the body inserts. In principle, it is easier to feel when you are slightly excited, because then it swells. To do this, simply bend your finger in the direction of the abdominal wall. Now you have several options.

Vibrate with your finger and apply different levels of pressure. Circle the prostate with gentle movements. Clamp the prostate between the index and middle fingers and massage from both sides.

The most effective is, however, if you just experiment a little because you alone know what you like. Have you found taste in the prostate massage? Then increase your sense of pleasure and use one of the exciting sex toys.

With a sex toy

You are familiar with the prostate and want more? Then use one of the exciting prostate stimulators. We introduce you to different models here. You will find sex toys for beginners and advanced because the flagpole of the possible is far from reached. In principle, stimulation of the prostate with a sex toy is the same as with a finger massage. Use sufficient lubricant and prepare yourself for the upcoming comedy. Inconspicuous in appearance, but more extreme in the stimulation – the Premium Prostate Massager have a perfectly curved tip that targets and stimulates the prostate. With its shape and smooth surface, it is the specialist for prostate stimulation. Introduce it with enough lubricant and start experimenting. You will quickly notice what drives you to climax. At the same time massage your penis and you will experience a true orgasmic explosion. Your orgasms will not only be stronger, but longer as well. Thanks to the processing you can Dr. med. Joel Kaplan Power Probe Prostate also take a shower or in the tub. In addition, it is ideal for the love game for two.

Choosing the Right Vibrator: A Complete Guide

Vibrators are typically utilized for masturbation. It’s alright, that is what they’re there for most importantly. In relationships, you condemn them to constrained leave wrongly! Here you will be introduced to different types of anal vibrators.

  1. Sensual caress update

Most men love watching us jerk off with a vibrator. In addition, most men are on Blow Jobs. With a combination of both, you turn his head.

  1. Vibrate the perineum

The perineum or the perineum of the man is situated between the butt and balls. In case this ‘G purpose of the man’ is appropriately animated, it can prompt climax. In case you press the vibrator daintily against this erogenous zone, it will be forever thankful to you. For what reason should only he appreciate the vibration? Gap the vibration: The lower end of the vibrator animates its perineum while you ‘ride’ the vibrator on it climaxes in a twofold pack!

  1. Vibration rub

Where is it composed that you can only utilize a vibrator for sex? At the most abnormal amount, it is perfect for rubbing one another. At which body parts, everyone can choose for themselves.

  1. Doggy style overhaul

Indeed, even the individuals who are not on anal intercourse, could locate the accompanying invigorating rubbing the vibrator along the buttocks segment, for example, the doggy style pretty much as an additional in the middle.

  1. Hole update

Much the same as point number one – simply a different way: licks, he at last has his hands free. Furthermore, in case he utilizes a vibrator rather than his fingers, he doesn’t need to lick as long not surprisingly – wager? The vibrator is one of the most valued and acquired sex toys, yet the buy of such a sensual embellishment can regularly be very troublesome. That is the reason we give you a few hints for picking the vibrator. Before you get a vibrator, it’s critical to recognize what you need to utilize. It has a wide range of employments; it is of various shapes, sizes and hues.

Tips for picking the vibrator:

Here are a few hints for picking the vibrator

  1. The material from which it is made checks

When you are resolved to buy a vibrator it is essential to remember the material from which it is made. For instance, elastic or silicone sex toys are prescribed for vaginal and anal penetration, while plastic ones for clitoral stimulation. This is considered one of the best tips for picking the vibrator.

  1. Estimate is vital

When you need to appreciate the sensations a vibrator can give you, you need to remember its shape and size. In the pro stores you will locate an extensive variety of vibrators as required.

  1. Remember the vibration control

There is no mystery that a few ladies get harder to climax. Thus, it is fitting to purchase a vibrator to enable them to appreciate the peak. In case this is the first occasion when you utilize this toy, you need to pick one with riggings to make sure you can utilize it paying little respect to the kind of masturbation. Furthermore, if your masturbation is a calmer one, those with low vibration are suggested.

  1. Reason for procurement

One of the best tips for picking a vibrator is to know exceptionally well what region you need to invigorate. For instance, phallic vibrators are ideal for vaginal penetration. On the other hand, they can likewise deliver satisfaction outside of the vagina, as they can invigorate the clitoris extremely well. For this sort of joy, the most recent generation or double action vibrators are additionally great. In case you need to utilize it for anal penetration, you require a pipe molded vibrator.

Sensual toys are found in sex shops in an extremely fluctuated range. Under different shapes, hues, or dimensions, picking a vibrator can be an issue. Before you visit a grown-up store you have to realize the response to a few questions. Do you need a vibrator to animate your clitoris, penetration or both? Will you utilize it alone or in the couple? What material, size or shape do you incline toward? What is the value you will pay? In case it’s your first visit to a sex shop, we’ll assist you with tips to purchase the correct toy.

Pick it as per the coveted stimulation

Vibrators have been made to address every one of the issues: clitoral stimulation, point G, vaginal stimulation, anal vibrators, vibrators with pearls, twofold vibrators, vibrators with triple stimulation (vagina, clitoris and rear-end), rub vibrators, vibrators butterfly, vibrator for couples, and the rundown goes on. Pick it as indicated by your requirements and request more information in the store.

The intensity of vibrations is vital

In case it’s the main vibrator you purchase, pick one with a lower speed and vibration movable. Nevertheless, in case you are not at the main vibrator and you know precisely what you need, put resources into a quality that keeps going longer. You can likewise attempt one with stronger vibrations to encounter.

Measure matters!

The shape and size of a vibrator are vital. In case you are a discrete person, you can purchase a little vibrator that you can go up against yourself and on your outings. You can likewise buy one with an a la mode shape that someone else finds in your tote does not consider a sex toy. Yet, in case the toy does not leave your room, you can likewise decide for bigger sizes. Pick the shape and size that rouses you.

The most effective method to choose a vibrator

Vibrators arrive in a wide range. You can separate them into vibrators for clitoris, G point, vaginal stimulation, anal vibrators, vibrators with pearls, vibrators with twofold action, genuine vibrators, vibrators with triple concurrent stimulation (vagina, clitoris and rear-end), vibrating massagers, butterfly vibrators, vibrators for men and the sky is the limit from there.

The astonishing assortment of vibrators, like models, sizes and materials, can truly be an issue when you need to purchase a vibrator. Regardless of whether you are occupied with acquiring a vibrator for you, whether it’s one for your partner or partner, experts can assist you with some straightforward responses to the correct vibrator decision.

For what reason would you like to utilize it? Would you like to animate your clitoris? Or then again do you need it for vaginal or anal penetration? Since nearly everything vibrating makes joy when you utilize it to animate the clitoris or around it, even the phalanx vibrators can be utilized for outside stimulation if the vibrations they offer are very strong at the tip of the vibrator.

In case you need vaginal stimulation and clitoral stimulation, twofold vibrators like twofold vibrators, for example, Rabbit Vibrators like Vibrator Disco Rabbit – are best suited. Such a vibrator can be utilized to at the same time animate the two erogenous zones, and in addition to independently invigorate them – hence, you will never be looked with the situation you need to pick.

In case you need to utilize the vibrator for anal stimulation, ensure it has a wide base to evade repulsive mishaps. In spite of the fact that there are vibrators planned particularly for anal stimulation, most are not, first of all, ensure you get one with a structure planned particularly for anal stimulation.

Threesome Sex: How to Enjoy it without Sex Toys

Erotic electro-stimulation is a sexual practice in which DC or low frequency AC are used for sexual stimulation. If you are interested in this kind of sexual stimulation or you would like to experiment with the matter, then you are in the right place. In the following guide, we’ll look at the different types of electro-stimulation and educate you about the essentials of how to enjoy anal sex.

In recent years, electro-stimulation has gained in popularity – which is not really surprising. For the application of the currents are usually used specially developed devices such as a Tens or Violet wall. These stimulators are able to achieve and stimulate especially sensitive nerve bands with weak to strong current surges. These are particularly sensitive and hard to reach by conventional sex toys. With the right electro-stimulator, however, it is possible to stimulate these to the climax – which can produce a feeling of hours of pleasure. To start right you need 3 things:

  • An e-stimulation unit that generates electrical impulses such as our Tension Lover or Pure Vibes.
  • An e-stimulation toy that transmits the electrical impulses to your skin such as a cock ring or dildo
  • A clear understanding & sense of what is safe and what is not.

Especially the last point is very important to us. In order to guarantee you a unique & beautiful experience, we give in the following guide an explanation of what electro-sex is and how to operate it safely. In addition, we will give an example of how you could make your first experience with electric sex:

What makes an Electric Sex Apparatus?

An electro-sex device such as the Mystim Tension Lover and Mystim Pure Vibes stimulates nerves through dildos, butt plugs that send electrical impulses as soon as they come into contact with the skin. The development of erotic electrical stimulation can be traced at least until the 1950s. At that time, a device called Relaxacisor was launched in the US. The device was defined as a passive training device and was used for muscle stimulation by electrical impulses. In addition, electro-sex devices have often been used in conjunction with pain therapies & physiotherapies because combining multiple circuits produces medically tested massage-like effects in muscle tissue and is thus a good alternative to traditional treatment modalities.

The classical form of electrical stimulation therapy is based on the natural system of informational pathways of the body. Thus, positive as well as negative perceptions including pain are transported via one and the same nerve band into our brain. E-stimulation takes advantage of the fact that positive perceptions are transported faster and perceived by our brains than negative perceptions. This means, among other things, that soft, pleasant electrical impulses that are generated in pain regions block the nerves and hide negative perceptions strong sensation of pain. The complex pain information that flows to the brain right now, cannot fully perceive the brain during e-stimulation – it focuses solely on the positive soft, pleasurable electrical impulses. This spills out a tremendous amount of endorphins – donate produced happiness hormones. The use of this method in conjunction with pain therapy usually relieves the pain and in some cases even completely eliminates the pain.

The products are all medically tested and have a license for such treatments. For erotic electro-stimulation, the recognition that positive perceptions are more quickly perceived by the brain than negative means that the positive, pleasurable currents dominate during e-stimulation and allow little, if no, capacity for the perception of pain.

Pleasant electrical impulses: This spills out a tremendous amount of endorphins – donate produced happiness hormones. The use of this method in conjunction with pain therapy usually relieves the pain and in some cases even completely eliminates the pain.

What generates an impulse?

The electrical impulses that an e-stimulation unit transmits to the nerves by any sex toy have three properties that can be regulated at will: width, rate, and intensity.

The width determines how long an impulse lasts. By varying the width in conjunction with the intensity you can reach and stimulate different nerve groups accordingly. Depending on the effect you want to achieve with the stimulation and which area you wish to stimulate, we recommend that you test different settings and find out for yourself which setting suits you best.

The pulse rate reports how often the electrical impulse is generated and transmitted to the skin. The frequency is measured in hertz (Hz.). In order to create a tickling, vibrating stimulation, you have to choose a high degree of freedom start with a frequency of 80 Hz and increase slowly – depending on your feelings and your desire. The “humming” is a sign that your nerves are no longer able to separate the impulses during the vibration-like stimulation. In this your nerves are able to perceive individual impulses on the skin.

The intensity regulates the strength of the pulse. Each individual perceives impulses differently. This is due to the individual tissue structure, skin thickness, etc. of a man. Accordingly, the intensity of the pulses should be controlled carefully and with great care. An impulse should always be perceived as pounding and tickling – never as uncomfortable or painful!

In general, the e-stimulation should not produce muscle twitching. Of course, you can adjust the intensity so high that you stop just before twitching your muscles. For the above effect, sex lovers recommend a long-width, high-freewheel, and high-intensity setting.

How do the impulses meet the nerves?

To transmit the electrical impulses from the e-stimulation unit to the nerves, it requires either the use of electrodes contained in the e-stimulation unit or an e-stimulation toy that transmits the electrical impulses to your skin such as a Cock ring or dildo.

Every e-stimulation toy has areas that are isolated: they are antipodes. Most of the Mystim E toys are pipolar and therefore have two poles: one positive and one negative pole. There are also quad-polar e-toys, such as the Mystim Flexing Flavio, which has two pairs of poles – which can be controlled independently of each other.

The electrodes work in a different way. They must always be used in pairs – one electrode is positive and the other negative. When your e-toy is connected to an e-stimulation unit, and it is turned on, electricity flows from the positive to the negative pole – current always flows in the shortest path. When a nerve is on that path, it sends a thrilling or pulsating sensation to the brain.

Tips on Shopping for Sex Toys

The Rabbit Vibrators for Her Clit and G Spot Stimulation 100% Waterproof with Shock Function Dual Motor 7 Frequency Reduction Medical Silicone 360 ??Degree Rotation and USB Charging Design, Quiet (25cm)

Inside and outside double stimulation: This vibrator mimics male dildo, glans and vein is very realistic, bringing you an authentic experience. It has strong dual motor, and outer with a rabbit-shaped vibrator, like a soft tongue general stimulation of the clitoris. Internal stimulates exactly the G-spot, bringing you numerous climax experiences. Both internal and external stimuli cannot control climax.

7 modes: The vibrator has 7 kinds of frequencies; you can switch to different scenes. You can after personal hobby, or mimic the actual process of the couple, first used low frequency and then gradually accelerate, and finally super-stimulation, achieved orgasm. With the vibrator can also stimulate other sensitive areas, such as: chest and anus, etc. ASTER vibrators fulfill all your sex needs

Medical Silicone: This silicone vibrator is made of medical grade silicone, highly flexible, non-toxic and odorless, like human skin, very smooth and comfortable. And the silicone is 100% waterproof, even if a large amount of body fluid leaks out during use, it will not break and it’s especially easy to clean. It is safe and practical, intimate protection of your secret parts.

Low decibel shock: This toy uses ultra-low decibel vibration, low noise, can give you a quieter private experience. You can also use it in the dorm or in the car. Make sure you protect your privacy during use

USB Charging Design: This Realistic Vibrator uses USB charging design, and can use for a long time, bring you the constant stimulation and massage, do not worry, have no power when used, and affect your experience. And it can charge on PC, Power bank and AC adapter. Comfortable and long lasting

Product Description: Information:

This product is a new addition in the sex toy world and made from premium silicone, smooth, firm and non-porous. These vaginal and anal beads will bring you the pleasant internal stimulation. It’s easy to plug in or take off this toy because the little balls have a smooth outside and are joined together. The round beads in different sizes will bring you step by step pleasure. Anal sex toys are of high quality. If you like it, buy one!

Item Specifics:

  • Material: Silicone
  • Length: about 19cm (total), 15.5cm (insert able)
  • Diameter: about3cm (max), 1.8cm (min)
  • Weight: about 132g
  • Color: Black Package List


  • Please clean before and after each use.
  • There is better effect when using it with lubricant.
  • Recommended to use only water-based lubricant. Silicone based lubricant will cause dissolution reaction.
  • Please allow the dimensional deviation.
  • Price: dollars 9.69
  • 100% silicone from Medical Grade, absolutely safe, hygienic and odorless.
  • 7 balls of 7 sizes: made for complete growth and progressive anal stimulation with easy insertion.
  • Ring for safe control easier to push, rotate and boost ensures full user safety
  • Ergonomic design: The simple and curvy design perfectly matches the inner wall of the anus and vagina.
  • Elastic and flexible to bend, not easy to break, or use shooting at different angles.
  • Silicone Anal Beads Butt Plug Silicone balls 7 balls with ring comparisons

If you are in a shop, then you can easily compare several products. You take the different models of certain manufacturers and then read their price. But a little bit different is the internet purchase. There you have to make more effort, as there is a larger selection and the comparison is not so easy to do.

Silicone Anal Balls Buy Butt Plug Silicone Balls 7 Balls with Ring

That’s why there are so many test and comparison portals. They then compare the current offers and prices of the respective models and thus offer you a better overview of which product is currently recommended. The models of different manufacturers are compared with each other, so you get a better overview and have a wide range.

Nowadays there are many different offers for the same product on the internet so to find out the original you should know what are anal beads. Thus, the search for a high-quality silicone anal beads butt plug balls of silicone 7 balls with ring is always an adventure. The need for a particular product plays a big role, as well as the amount of money you are willing to pay for the particular product. An acquaintance who has bought a similar product can help you choose. You can ask him certain questions that will help you get the product you are looking for.

Of course there is also the possibility to ask questions to the manufacturer himself, by simply contacting him by mail. If you have an answer to specific questions, then you can go to the next step. You have to decide whether you prefer to order on the Internet or shop in a store. There are of course advantages that speak for both variants, but the purchase on the Internet is recommended because of the large selection.

You can easily orient yourself to the price and make a better comparison. Furthermore, you have a picture for almost every product on the Internet. Most people choose a particular product based on the image they see. The visual aspect indeed plays an important role in the purchase and should not be forgotten.

Silicone Anal Balls Butt Plug Silicone Balls 7 Balls with Ring – The competition for power.

Last but not least, you want to point out that there is a lot of competition in many industries today where different manufacturers are trying to sell their products as well as possible. That’s why you can fall into a trap very easily and quickly.

Silicone Anal Balls Butt Plug Silicone Balls 7 Balls with Ring – The goal of this competition is of course winning many new customers, but also keeping existing customers. Manufacturers do not only generate this through the price, because there are a great many people who also want to be impressed by the performance itself. It is therefore targeted that the customer gets a real added value. However, this effect is only created if the buyers have the opportunity to see the best offers in comparison and only then to make a decision.

That’s why comparisons and tests are so important when buying. They offer the buyer a better overview of all the peculiarities that a specific product has to offer. This gives the buyer the feeling that he himself has certain knowledge in this area and thus makes his own decision. However, one should not forget the many customer reviews, which are usually the deciding factor in the purchase, as they introduce a new perspective in viewing the products.

6 Techniques on How to Stimulate Your Anus

Sex is one of the most unearthly pleasures in the world and, moreover, free. There are many variations of sexual contact and intimate caresses. One of these is anal sex. All men dream of him as the highest award and dream of ass his mistress. If you are one of these dreamers, enough fantasy, it’s time to act! We will tell you everything you need to know to practice anal sex.

How to develop an anus? What is the best way to relax? Where to start? How do you use cock ring plugs? How to get anal orgasm? All these questions you will find the answer in this article. Having mastered the technique of anal stimulation, you will plunge into the world of bliss and endless orgasms.

Benefits of having anal sex for men

Having anal sex is not only pleasant, but also useful! Prostate massage improves men’s health, allowing you to increase the years of sexual life. You will learn to control your ejaculation and prolong orgasm. Teach your mistress anal caress and sex in the ass. She will become addicted to anal sex, and your cherished fantasy will become a reality. Long sexual intercourse with proper stimulation of the anus, you will become a real “sex giant” and will be able to meet your passion for hours.

Myths about anal sex “This is the lot of gays”

Many men think that only sex with a non-traditional sexual orientation is engaged in this sex. They are mistaken. More than one scientific work has already been devoted to this topic, so if you think so – think about what are you really afraid of?

“Earn hemorrhoids” We hurry to please you – you can earn it only because of sedentary work and chronic violations of bowel movements, sex has nothing to do with it. The main thing is to follow the recommendations for stimulation and penetration, not exceeding the size of the toys to be entered.

“Dirty sex” If you empty your bowels properly, then you will not have such problems. Perform a complete cleaning of the rectum before sexual contact in the anus. “It is impossible to get pleasure and even more orgasm” Nonsense, train your anus regularly and you will see for yourself. You can teach any person to anal sex, you just need to develop an unconditioned reflex, and the process will bring you mad bliss. Gradual and regular training – this is the key to anal orgasm!

Contraindications to stimulate the anus There are several reasons why you should not engage in anal intercourse. You have hemorrhoid bumps and fissures in the anus. Especially, it is not recommended to stimulate the hole during periods of exacerbations. You can inflict an irreparable injury, so consultation with a doctor is required! Pain is present and you cannot relax. It is better to postpone this process and try to resume stimulation after a while. No time to foreplay. There is no rush, if you don’t have your time, put off this kind of sexual contact until better times. How to get anal orgasm? You can get an orgasm in two ways: Independently masturbate with the help of a partner or partner. Consider both options. If you are new to this issue, then follow our instructions and you can get a bright and long ecstasy.

Take care in advance of lubrication. Without it, you cannot do. Also, buy good quality condoms. Phased instructions for anal stimulation first stage You need to get used to anal caress, so at the first stage, get new sensations and teach your sphincter to relax. The preparatory stage may take several months before we move on to anal penetration and sex. First you need to relax properly.

Choose the right method for you.

It can be a hot bath, a light massage or a glass of red wine. Alcohol will remove excess stress and allow you to fully relax your muscles. Be sure to empty the rectum. You can just go to the toilet if you have good intestinal motility, or you can flush the rectum with an enema or special laxative solutions. If you do not do this – the sensations from anal penetration will be wrong – instead of getting pleasure, you will only want to cope with the natural need of the body, so do not neglect this stage. Lie on the bed and get excited, stroking the penis and massaging the testicles. Take your time, nobody is chasing you. Focus on the process; get rid of extraneous thoughts from the head. There is only you, and no one else at the moment exists.

Do not seek to bring yourself to orgasm; you need to achieve only an easy erection of the penis. Take a pre-purchased lubricant and apply it first on the palm and then on the anus. Grease abundantly, does not regret lubrication. Pull the condom on your finger and gently massage the hole.

Do not forget to stimulate the penis with the other hand. Extend yourself to a pre-orgasmic state and stop. Make 2 such circles, no more, but instead of pleasant ones you will get painful sensations. Hold for a while on the massage stage. You must make your sphincter relax and get used to the new sensations. Enter your finger shallowly, maximum 1 cm. Bring yourself to orgasm with stimulation of the anus.

Well, how does it feel? True, such an orgasm differs from the usual by its power and sharpness of sensations? You can move to the second stage when you experience excitement only from one touch to the hole and enjoy the stimulation at the first stage. By the way, nipples are not only an erogenous zone for women, so stimulate your nipples to achieve ecstasy by squeezing and stroking them. So, when the goal is reached, go to deep penetrations. To do this, you will need to visit a specialty store for adults or resort to using the Internet, selecting the necessary accessories and ordering online. Do not use improvised means; it can have a deplorable outcome. The mucosa of the anus is very gentle, so you can injure her with foreign objects. Use only special latex devices. Among the huge variety of sex toys, stop your choice on the anal plug or special beads for caresses. The latter should be taken on a flexible basis so that you can fully control the penetration process.

Technique of anal sex

To get a long orgasm, follow the step by step instructions. Follow the recommendations of the first stage, excited and relaxed. Massage the anus. Lubricate with plenty of grease. Anal toy should also be lubricated for better sliding. Perform a penetration with your finger no deeper than 3 cm, repeat several progressive movements until the sphincter is completely relaxed. The anus should open well, a bit tighter and very carefully and slowly enter the toy. Move it is not necessary. Just stimulate the penis. You must form a kind of reflex. Your brain needs to get used to the fact that a foreign body in the anus causes an orgasm. When you finish, the sphincter shrinks and the sensations become sharper and incredibly pleasant. They also need to get used to.

How to board a plane with sex toy

You imagine the scene: a security officer searches your bag, extracts with a grinning smile a double-decimeter of pink silicone and calls some colleagues to show them his grip. The whole terminal is laughing, your six-year-old niece asks what the purpose of this big object is and your mother shot you with an outrageous glance. Rather than live this nightmare or give up the little gadget that would brighten your holiday here are seven tips for getting on the plane with a sex toy.

Put them in your checked baggage

The closer you get to the safety gate by crossing your fingers in your back, a totally false smile on your face, the more you’ll look suspicious. To save yourself the ordeal, the most obvious solution is to bury your vibrator in the suitcase you will leave at check-in. miraculously, she will be waiting for you on the treadmill. In 95% of cases, checked baggage is indeed a good solution. But your suitcase has a life without you. The x-rays, it’s going to be entitled somewhere in the depths of the airport. An employee will detail his content on a screen. That he thinks you are obsessed does not matter since you will never know it! But he may wonder what this unidentified object. Another source of trouble is.

Label them!

You do not want your luggage to be dumped, dismembered and defused by demining services before finally returning to you seven days after your arrival on vacation? Facilitate the work of security guards. In case you have kept it, take your sex toy in its original packaging. That will not be suspicious at all. Well, well, it’s a vibrator, said the employee blandly. If you do not pack it, put it in a bag you kindly write the word “sex toy” as a little secret between you and the security guard. But a dilemma then presents itself to you: sex-toys are stolen enormously, especially if they are expensive and many are. In very religious countries, they are even very rare commodities. It’s unlikely that you spent three hours filing a complaint in the corridors of airport to pick up a vibrator would you?

At the gate, ask for a search

To avoid any mowing and be sure to find your plastic friend on arrival, so you are left to the safety gate, your hand luggage under the arm, a dildo at the bottom, subtly threaded into the sleeve of your little one wool for the evening. You put the bag on the carpet, cross the gate. No luck: ask to search your bag. Rather than seeing everything unpacked on a table next to other passengers, you’re scared niece, your scandalized mother and, as long as you’re there, your husband who was not aware of anything, know that you enjoy a joker: to request that the search of your luggage takes place in a room away.

Above all, do not deny

There, do not panic. Remember that the control officers have seen since the morning seventeen pocket vibrators, four giant dildos, a penis pump and two beads of three balls of geisha. So, to the question “what is this object? The only appropriate answer is: It’s a vibrator. Any lie, even well shot “it’s a mare’s thermometer because a veterinarian and there’s an epidemic of equine fever in Ibiza”, will make you dive into more and more dangerous waters.

Drop the handcuffs and the high tech!

If you have observed the four previous rules, your sex toy and you do not risk a bad surprise. In the hold or cabin, metal handcuffs will not pass the X-rays; it is a certainty, even with some frills on top. Similarly, sex toys highly technological vibrating egg-controlled vaginal eggs, will cause much more suspicion than a silicone penis stupid. Also avoid, as far as possible, gadgets to the James Bond, vibrator type disguised as a stick of lipstick. The James Bond slumbering in any security agent will see perhaps the secret weapon of Mata Hari that you are to overthrow his government.

Remove the batteries before transporting

Yes, it’s obvious. But it’s better to think about it beforehand than when the stewardess, trying to make room in the compartment above your head, will realize that a bag moves by itself. And makes a funny noise from the threshold of your door to that of your vacation spot, your luggage will continue to be transshipped, banged, and manipulated. And a small on oroff button is triggered so easily.

Never take them “on you”

Little malignant! You thought that the simplest way to avoid a risky search of your luggage was not to bury your sex toy but to carry it, how to say, “On you”. Why not? It could even be vaguely sexy, on an imperative condition: to be certain, completely certain, that the sex toy has no, absolutely no metal parts in its mechanism. In which case, you will inevitably ring the door … For once, security agents do not see many times, like you! You risk becoming an urban legend, a living myth that will brighten canteen lunches. And next year you will have to take the train.

Solitary pleasure or as a couple, woman or man, the quest for the sextoy that will make you vibrate is long and arduous do not see pun. Faced with the multitude of models and perhaps for fear of entering the sexshop in the corner by asking too many questions, the step to take is not always easy.

What form?

Beginners in sextoys, calm your ardor. The attractive and state-of-the-art range of naughty accessories is tempting, but sometimes the simplest is the most effective. Dressed in rhinestones, golden effect or taking the form of a lipstick, the sex toy takes the most realistic forms to the funds, but it should not be blinded by a mere aesthetic appearance. In the end, this new ally will take the form of an appliance rather than an object that will decorate your room. The best thing is not to want to push our limits. The more modest will opt for a small discreet model that can even slip into a handbag, for the rest an “average” size will suffice for a first attempt.

What stimulation?

Be careful, best double ended dildos get rough! Now you have to listen to your desires and target the part you want to stimulate during these special moments. Ladies and young ladies rather clitoral, give up the idea of ??the duck vibrant, mythical in terms of sextoy, which will disappoint in terms of efficiency. Instead, prefer the vibrator, like the model “lipstick” previously mentioned or flatter models that will stimulate the clitoris.

For vaginal stimulation, it will opt for vibrating models, non-vibrating or, notice to fans of “Sex and the city”, the model “rabbit” may well become your best ally or any other sex toy providing double stimulation.For the more adventurous who would not want to close any door and discover all their sensations, they will opt more for a curved and possibly realistic model.